Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Giving Great Gifts is GREEN

SO! I thought I had it all sussed for this Christmas, it was going to be the greenest one yet!

Well it was, but I was still sickened by the waste created by the holiday!

The positive green actions we achieved:
  • The majority of Butterfly's toys were hidden in gift boxes or set up for her to find, ready to play with, on Christmas morning!
  • Her presents were green... wooden toys, upcycled containers for her kitchen, we supported WAHM's also (buying wooden toys online = less plastic packaging)
  • Didn't buy any new decorations, we made do with the ones we had
  • Used the crockery and cutlery on the day, instead of disposable shtuff
  • We only turned the Christmas tree lights on for an hour before Butterfly went to bed for her to enjoy

  • Wrapped gifts for the grandparents in Butterfly's drawings (scribbles?)

  • Made my own bonbons using upcycled materials

BUT I have learnt the following lessons...

  • The relatives LOVE to wrap presents (and to be honest B loves to tear them open!) so next year I am going to suggest newspaper. YES newspaper. They can present the gifts in a sack or gift bag (which they usually do anyway, we sent Grandma home with her giftbag for next year), and she can still have fun opening. I mean, it was OBSCENE this year! BOTH sets of grandparents and BOTH aunties rocked up with sacks full of wrapped gifts. She opened from 6.30am until 2.30pm!

  • Only put out about a third of the nibblies you think you will need. If you pour the whole bag of chips, the whole bag of choc coated peanuts and the whole bag of cherries on the table, most will be uneaten and by the end of the stinking hot day, uneatable. AND thrown away. Best to err on the more frugal side, you can always top up if you need to.
  • HALVE the amount of salads you made last year. I ate salad, pasta salad and potato bake for 3 days straight and still threw away half of it!
  • Be honest with people about what you allow your children to play with. I was lucky this year, the wooden toy issue had sunk in! There is no point in letting the grandparents buy plastic rubbish that you then have the dilemma of either throwing away OR giving to charity... knowing the toys are potentially toxic to another child.
And remember...

  • its always great to buy gifts that encourage green living... Organic body care (organic ANYTHING!), Eco Toothbrushes, Wild Soapnuts, Modern Cloth Nappies, Handmade gifts, a plant?

  • Giving great gifts is green. Buying something that will be used or treasured is sooo much better than getting something that might end up in landfill unused. I LOVE gift certificates, everyone does! I also love donations to charities in my name.
  • REGIFT. This is a touchy issue, but I think its eco friendly! If someone buys you something you won't use, but know someone who will, why not pass it on? In the past I have had a cupboard full of beauty products that I never EVER used, and threw out after a few years collecting dust. Selling on ebay is another option. Can be considered rude, but so is putting no thought into a gift IMO.

  • Gift packs are a great idea, but they usually come with a LOT of unnecessary packaging. Why not make your own?

So whats GREEN about dressing your cat up in your child's new dress? Nothing. But its fricken HILARIOUS!!

----> Buttefly wouldn't let me try it on HER

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have some ideas on how to make your next one GREENER!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary Angel Pie!

It has been one whole year since Butterfly started waking hourly during the night. ONE YEAR.

Now, before she was 6 months old, she would only wake once per night. Then, one week before Christmas last year, everything changed...

We used to be on TH routines (VOMIT), so she always went to bed awake, and would cry for me for a few minutes before falling asleep. I used to try and justify this (as TH does in her book) by saying it was just a "whinge", an attention cry, not an emotional cry. Looking back now it breaks my heart to think that every night my beautiful daughter went to sleep begging me to stay with her, to hold her, make her feel secure. And I ignored it. I hope you realise how incredibly difficult it is to admit all of this to you, and how much my heart aches for the time we lost listening to that stupid book! I am getting very emotional writing this...

At 6 months old, that "whinge" turned into an emotional cry... screaming, sobbing, basically it escalated to a point that I, brainwashed as I was, couldn't ignore it. So I began breastfeeding Jocelyn to sleep. And she began waking on the hour, every hour, for more boobies. MAJUH sleep deprivation! So I searched for an answer, and all I kept coming across was the "Cry it Out" method. The alternatives to listening to the crying were, "Go outside so you don't hear it"! I mean, where the FECK was I looking to have come up with advice like that?

So we tried it, I mean I've blogged about this before... so yes, we tried it. Yes, it "worked" (ie she stopped night waking), but it didn't sit right. So I only lasted a few nights before buying and reading "The Continuum Concept" by Jean Leidloff... I'd heard Sausage Mama raving about it and thought it might have an answer. It did.

I learnt a LOT. A baby craving a parent close, settling them to sleep peacefully was not a selfish, naughty WANT. It is a NEED. Having someone calm them at night when they wake up in the dark is a NEED. Sleeping with a parent during the night is the most natural and soothing thing for a child (not to mention I got SO much more sleep!) The Continuum Concept gave me the confidence to parent instinctually, to give my daughter what she needed. And what she needed was ME. I felt like such an ASS for ever following a baby trainers advice, but hey, I was a new Mum and the book seemed to have all the answers.

So I started breastfeeding to sleep, cosleeping, and attending to Joss lovingly every time she woke. YEP, it was hourly, and YEP, I was sleep deprived! But HAPPY and at PEACE. And I knew I was doing the right thing.

That is what has gotten me through this past year. The knowledge that I am doing what is best for my beautiful little girl. If someone had've told me that the hourly waking was going to last a week, I would have cried. I never imagined that a year later, she would still be waking during the night! Having said that, it has slowly improved over time. Now she wakes twice or three times a night on a good night, hourly if she is sick or teethy. We just deal with it as it comes.

Sleep deprivation sucks ass, but I have found some ways to deal with it...
  • Sleep when Butterfly sleeps (ie nap during the day)

  • COSLEEP! Sometimes I barely wake up, just roll over and offer the boob, and go back to sleep. Getting up and going into the nursery was the real killer. We have Butterfly's cot (with one side removed) against our bed, so essentially we sleep on the same surface but have our own space. Research safe cosleeping before doing it.

  • Surround yourself with positive people. I hang out with AP friends who never once pushed the CIO method on me, just supported me through the rough times. Having CIO thrust upon you on your worst days isn't healthy.

Life hasn't been easy this past year, I have had horrible days, horrible nights and times where I felt like I couldn't keep going. Don't be under the illusion that it is easy. I have always said that if I get to the end of my tether I will read Elizabeth Pantley's "No Cry Sleep Solution"... but I don't know what that book is like because I've never reached breaking point.
Now, not every babe who is breastfed to sleep will wake hourly. Actually, before we went on "routines" Butterfly would sleep 4 hours straight (as a newborn!). Most of my friends' babes haven't gone through this (the ones who BF to sleep I mean).
But if your child IS like Butterfly, take heart. It won't be forever. It does improve and it does get easier. I'm at the point where I FEEL less tired than when she would only wake once a night! Its such a great investment, Butterfly is a wonderfully happy, smart and confident child! She isn't the overtired monster I was led to believe she would be, if she wasn't forced into a "one size fits all" routine *Blows huge raspberry to Ms Hall*

I am happy. I wasn't always. I didn't realise how depressed I was until I put down that book, the clouds cleared, and I started to enjoy the intimate time during the night I spend meeting Butterfly's needs. Its my job as a mother and I relish it!

I look forward to having another baby. If he or she is a night waker like Butterfly? BRING IT ON! I can't wait to be a mother all over again! To those who think I won't be able to handle Butterfly when I have another, well, I will show them... I don't care what anyone says, how they parent their own kids, I have found my happiness and no one can take that away from me.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm NOT crazy!

I am NOT crazy! Just because I...

...have an escape plan in case of a zombie attack

...will not swim in a pool alone because of the risk of being eaten by a shark

...have a system of eating my dinner: brocolli and cauliflower, then corn, then mash and meat.

...like the smell of textbooks

...think one of the most delicious things to dip your hot chips in is a chocolate milkshake

...occasionally bite my fingernails so bad that there is no fingernail left. I do this at least once a year. At the moment I have *looks at fingers* two mutilated fingernails, and two recovering. Yes it hurts.

...have a phobia of telephones. I don't usually ring people. Text messages are my FRIEND!

...have over 20 pet snakes. At least now they live in the shed, we used to share our bedroom with 3 amorous carpet snakes, who would rattle the glass on their cage trying to reach each other during breeding season. (PS snake sex is incredibly boring. They align their parts and then lie there. Lazy buggers!)

...still love watching kid shows. Thanks for the excuse to keep the habit, Butterfly!

...was extremely excited the other night when Russell Brand mentioned that he was friends with David Walliams during a show. I thought, "That's one step closer to the ultimate threesome!"

.... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

... sorry, got lost daydreaming about a threesome...

...LOVES spaghetti bolognese, but HATES reheated spaghetti bolognese

...have to touch the knobs to the stove to make sure they are turned off, if I am going away from the house for more than 12 hours. I have never recovered from getting half way to the Sunshine Coast and thinking I'd left the iron on...

...hate jewellery. Yes I'm a traitor to my sex, but I just don't get it. Expensive, dangly, annoying. I don't even have my ears peirced.

...seriously almost let my husband give me a hair cut the other night. Thats how little I care about how my hair looks. I would have, only Butterfly didn't go to bed early enough.

...often worry that there are cameras in my house and people are watching everything I'm doing. Snuggling with husband can only be done in the dark. ONLY!

...wishes Harry Potter was real, and I was a witch, and 14 years old, and went to Hogwarts! I want to know what Butterbeer tastes like! Anyone with me on that one?

OK so I am a LITTLE crazy. But like I tell my husband, he knew that when he married me...

Monday, December 13, 2010

The year that was...


Didn't we ALL get suckered into buying one of those "Baby Keepsake" books, to write all their milestones in? What a WASTE OF MONEY! I never had enough time to sit down and answer all the set "questions" in it... there was too much emphasis on what date which tooth came in, and not enough room to write in all the cute things Butterfly did! I was writing a daily diary through pregnancy also, but that became too time consuming once there was a babe in the house.


I made myself a personalised diary using my FAVOURITE Momento software! I use it to keep track of appointments, but also to jot down little things that I don't want to forget. Yes, when a tooth comes in I write it down, but I mainly write short notes about funny things that Butterfly said or did!

Here are some sample entries...
January 20, 2010: Things that are very funny to a 7 month old: "Pointing a remote control at her and saying, Beep Beep!" and "Jumping out from behind a wall with a Bongo drum"
February 10, 2010: Butterfly took one "crawl step" forwards... then two back!"
April 7, 2010: Butterflys current favourite song is "Telephone" by Lady Gaga and Beyonce... when it comes on the radio she stops what she is doing and bounces on her bum!
May 28, 2010: Butterfly can now say "ssss" when she sees the snakes and "owm" when she sees the cats!
June 28, 2010: Butterfly learns to sign, "toilet"
August 19, 2010: Butterfly took a STEP!
August 30, 2010: Butterfly was having some milk, pulled off, blew on my nipple as if to cool it, and kept feeding!
November 4, 2010: Butterfly can now say her own name, she points to herself and says, "Do...ssie" is ADORABLE!
Its really good to try and write down the little things... we think we will remember them but we won't! I know, because if I don't write in my book for a week or so, and try to go back and fill it in later, I can never remember what happened :S (sometimes I resort to backtracking through status updates!)
You don't even have to have a personalised diary to do this, but I like it because its an extra incentive to hold onto it forever...
You can check out momento by clicking here. Its super easy to do, just download the free software, design your own diary, photobook, calendar etc, upload it to the website and then you can order it!
Have fun making some awesome memories for 2011!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wild Child?

So I was thinking, right... Attachment parenting. I LOVE IT!! I have had people insinuate I will be raising an "entitled little shit" or that I am letting my child run wild, ruling the household.

That doesn't bother me, I understand comments like this are from people who don't get it. I truly believe that parenting my daughter peacefully will lead to a more secure, happy and confident child.

If you scoff at that, and believe it won't, thats OK. Parenting isn't just about the outcome, its about the journey... and personally, I am LOVING mine!

I love breastfeeding... cosleeping... babywearing... having the freedom to enjoy my child!

OK so I don't wake up every morning farting rainbows. I have bad days, I get angry, I get frustrated. I don't always get it right. But I'm TRYING.

And most of the time, I am happy! WE are happy.

Parenting peacefully, I find, yeilds the best results. Its not about letting your kids do whatever they want and never telling them "no". Its about respectfully guiding them towards positive behaviours. In my experience, 9 times out of 10 Butterfly will choose acceptable activities. Sometimes she doesn't. Like, she always wants to turn the oven on. She knows she isn't allowed, and every time she doesn't she is told "no" and redirected to something she CAN do, but she persists. WHY? Because it gets our attention when we are busy in the kitchen. She'll learn eventually... at 18 months, she can't be perfect all the time! Screaming at her, smacking her, when all she really wants is attention, would only break her little heart.

I am finding people don't truly empathise with their children. The mentality is, "They are my kids and they have to behave how I want them to, when I want them to". They use tactics on them they wouldn't dream of using on their partner. Like, say every time you changed the channel to something your hubby didn't want to watch, he scolded you and smacked your hand. How angering and humiliating would that be? What if you did it a few times in a row, and he told you that he wasn't going to take you out to dinner for your birthday because you are so naughty? Who would want to be married to THAT guy?

No one likes to be told they can't do something they want to do. Toddlers especially. I try to understand my daughter's reaction and give her something she CAN do. If I asked my husband if we could go out to dinner, and he simply said, "No", I'd be pissed. If he said, "We really can't afford it, but we can get takeaway" I'd respect that.

Sometimes my babe isn't happy with an alternative and will cry. She's not trying to be naughty or manipulate me into giving in. She is truly upset that she can't do/have what she wanted. I don't give in, but I will give her a hug to comfort her through it. Yes, 'tis hard when they are kicking their legs and throwing a tanty, I know! Sometimes she wants space. Thats OK too. I've just never felt that matching a child's tantrum with an adult version, with yelling, to work. For me.

This blog isn't about preaching or telling you how to parent. Your journey is your own, and you have to own it. This is just about explaining how I parent and why, to those who don't "get it".

Butterfly and her best friend, Fee. If they are supposed to be "entitled little shits" no one has told them...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

When did I move to Fort Knox?

So today's fiasco begins with hungry cats and Christmas shopping...

Our cats ran out of their favourite food two days ago so I had to go to the shops to get more. Now, before you call RSPCA, they have other food! They just don't like it much. SO: Butterfly and I bundle ourselves in the car early this morning to go for an adventure to the shopping centre. To get cat food and supplies for Christmas presents in jars :)

We had a ball at the shops, Butterfly walked around with an empty green bag on her shoulder "helping" me. I got the appropriate number of comments to say how beautiful/smart/funny she was, so I came home satisfied!

When we got home, our day started sliding uncontrollably downhill. The following events happened in quick succession...

We walked in the door. I locked it behind us (remember this fact). I put away the cold stuff in the fridge. I picked up a cat food sachet to relieve the hungry pussy tats. We went into the laundry. Opened the door to the cat run. We fed the cats. Butterfly patted the cats, then went for a walk. And fell down. Cried out for me. So I sat up from the doorstep. I ran to get her. And the EFFING. DOOR. SLAMMED. BEHIND ME!!

It was locked.

Now! Having JUST walked in the door, I had not opened a SINGLE window in the house. Or door. I was starting to list all my choice swear words (in my head of course) and searching the house for a window I may have forgotten to shut. Or not shut properly. Alas, I was too thorough this morning! I still jimmied open the screen on the window to the playroom to see if that window was open. It wasn't.

New plan? I fancy myself buff enough to barge my way back into the laundry. It would suck to buy a new door, but its lunch time AND nap time and we need to get back inside! So I give it a hearty BARGE with my shoulder. SUGAR HONEY ICE & TEA! Thats one solid door. Ouchy Mama!

I briefly consider sending Butterfly back inside through the cat door and asking her to fetch the keys. Only they are likely hung on the hook past her reach, and if she gets stuck in there alone she'll melt down, and so will I! Plus she has her father's head, bless her, and she probably wouldn't fit anyway!

Plan C? Get to the front yard and see if, by a miracle, the front screen is unlocked. Sounds easy enough. Only I can't get into the front yard! Hubby has some fricken padlock on the side gate so I can't open it. The door to the garage is locked for once. The fence is rully rully high. I briefly entertain the idea that I might be able to climb over the fence with Butterfly on my back all primate style. But I know she would never hold on.

I spy a huge plastic pot plant. If I can chuck it over the fence and get it to land face down I might be able to lower Butterfly onto it. So I chuck. And the FUCKER rolls away.

We are officially STUCK. In our own backyard. I hit the sudden realisation that I have to stay cool or Butterfly will pick up on my anger/panic. So I take a deep breath and initiate plan D.

Plan D? Climb up the fence and feebly yell for help. I couldn't SHOUT it, because, well, it wasn't a life or death situation and I was also mighty embarrassed. NOT as embarrassed as I would have been had I been nekked, which if any other day I might just have been!

Usually our area is abuzz with activity, people walking around etc. And NORMALLY the next door neighbours would be in the backyard, the kids crying and the Mum screaming. OF COURSE it was lunch time and no one was around! And of COURSE it was so hot that all the passing cars had their windows up and their air cons on! CURSE CURSE CURSE!

After half an hour of me dangling awkwardly off my fence and singing songs to Butterfly at her request (Elmo! Gabba! Elmo! Elmo! Gabba!) my guardian angel went strolling by. Her name was Cheryl (it wasn't, but thought best to change it) and from her shirt she worked at Target (she didn't, again I'm playing silly buggers with the details). I yelled to her for help and she rushed over, I told her the whole debarcle and she offered to help us! So after a quick introduction for Butterfly ("Whats your name? Butterfly, this is Cheryl. She is going to pull you over the fence, OK?") she caught my baby as I lobbed her over the fence and then held her while I jumped over. That fence was EFFING high! I barely had the guts to jump down alone, how could I have considered it with my daughter on my back?

All of this was made more awkward by the fact that Butterfly, yes, had a pretty dress and shoes on, but we had ditched her nappy when we walked into the door. So this stranger had to catch my bare assed daughter! Luckily (?) she had peed in her shoes moments before this so there was no danger.

OK! So off goes Cheryl, after some quick thankyou's. We dash to the corner shop, where our lovely convenience fella lends us his phone and offers us cold water. Bless 'im. I ring hubby and within minutes he is on his way to rescue us!

So after more singing on the front step (Butterfly learned a new word: "LOCKED!") and some tears over the fact she couldn't reach Fruddy (her snuggle cat, Fluffy), hubby zooms up the drive, knight in shining leathers, on his noble steed (his scooter). Shaking his head at me he lets us in the house. Then has to go back to work!


If you learn anything from my experience, let it be this

  • Breastfeed. I may have been starving but I didn't have to worry bout Butterfly

  • Hide a spare key to your house somewhere!

  • Make sure you can escape your backyard in case of fire, invasion or unfortunate laundry door lockout

So I has my good samaritans name and place of work, I'll have to stop by with a thankyou methinks!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Your toddler...

Your toddler...

Has ears.

Can understand what you are saying.

Loves you.

Is learning.

Makes mistakes.

Will have good days and bad.

Is innocent.

Is joyful.

Wants your approval.

Speak kindly to her.
And of her.
Love her. Unconditionally.
Teach her.
Guide her.
Forgive her.
Protect her.
Share in her joy.
Praise her.
Make a dick of yourself in public, just to make her smile.

Treat her how you would like to be treated.

It won't always be easy.

But it is always worth it.

We went to visit Butterfly's brother at the baby cemetary today.

Every parent who lays flowers on those tiny little gravesites, would give anything to have their toddler... tantrumming, crying, or laughing. ANYTHING.

Count your blessings.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Butterfly's new dolly!

The doll that I won at The Natural Newborn's facebook garage sale arrived!!

She is a Keptin Jr BPA free, organic cotton doll! Here is the blurb from the website:

"Keptin-Jr are a Dutch-based company specialising in making toys from natural materials. These darling baby dolls are made from BPA & phthalate-free vinyl with an organic cotton torso and clothing. They are stuffed with a special biodegradable fibre derived from corn, not petroleum. Comes in a natural woven moses basket with their own organic cotton toy. The Keptin-Jr Tiny Dolls collection has been designed particularly for toddlers and are lightly scented of vanilla. Machine-washable. 33cm"

Butterfly thinks her Abbey is AMAZING!

I hadn't gotten Butterfly a dolly until now, because I was looking for something non toxic... girls get so attached to their dolls, so I didn't want her hugging, kissing, sleeping with something made from BPA (for more information on the dreaded BPA click here).
These dolls are just SO perfect! They are a great size, simple design, and they actually SMELL pretty! I laughed at Jo when she said she kept opening them to sniff them, but now I can see why!

Non toxic LOVE

If you are in the market for a doll for your little one for Christmas, consider a non toxic one from The Natural Newborn... its a small investment for your daughters future (and fun!) Its also great to support one of our own from The Smallest Carbon Footprint community :)

Thanks again Jo, I love your GUTS!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reusable Nappy Week!

Hi thar...

I haven't gotten my blog on for a while now, but had to share with you the event I helped to organise for Reusable Nappy Week! It was held in Brisbane yesterday at the Bleeding Heart Gallery which was AWESOME!

We invited people to come along, bring a packet of disposable nappies to exchange for a FREE modern cloth nappy! Everyone who uses MCN knows what an awesome deal that is, cloth nappies retail for $25 to $40! The plan was to create a massive pile of 6000 disposable nappies, to display next to 30 MCN... because the average 2 and a half year old will have gone through 6000 sposies before they potty train OR just 30 MCN. What a MASSIVE difference!

We hoped to outline to people exactly what they were choosing between. There are some myths that I hear often about using cloth which deter people from making the switch. Here are some FACTS for you:
  • Using cloth doesn't necessarily mean using terry squares that require soaking, ironing, folding and pinning! Modern Cloth nappies don't require any of those things, you simply take it off your bub, chuck the nappy into a dry wetbag and every day or two, bung your nappies in the wash and press GO! No harder than washing clothes.

  • It is NOT TRUE that the laundering process for cloth nappies is worse for the environment than using disposables. It takes more water and electricity to manufacture a disposable nappy than to wash cloth nappies.

  • Using cloth nappies will save you a BUTTLOAD of cash! You may panic at the initial cost to buy your cloth nappies, but its a one off purchase. In the end you will save THOUSANDS of dollars! Note: you will also buy less pants. Speshly in summer. MCN are bum ART!

  • MCN are super easy to use! If you can put a sposie on you can put a cloth nappy on. In fact... the amount of times hubby has thrown his hands in the air after trying unsuccessfully to put a night disposable on our daughter is amusing! Never happens with our cloth nappies: he knows exactly which snaps go where, and they can't be misplaced due to squirming!

  • MCN are BEAUTIFUL! You can get personalised embroidered nappies... every colour... animal prints... soft minky... even DENIM nappies that look like a pair of JEANS!

Using disposables is wasteful and boring. Plus would you rather wear plastic knickers or cloth ones? You know what I'm talking about, its bad enough using disposable sanitary pads for a few days a month (on that note: switch to modern cloth pads! Thats a convo for another time though)

Anyhoo... the day was great, everyone who came recieved a gorgeous free MCN! Smiles all round! It was such a great atmosphere with all of those like minded mums, Mature Modern Mums got some great photos of us all breastfeeding at the event!

Unfortunately we didn't hit our target for disposables, getting 3712 in the end. Still a massive pile!! Thankyou to everyone who donated nappies, the disposables are all going to Backpacks 4 Aussie kids, a charity who creates backpacks to send to children going into foster care... imagine having a baby land on your doorstep at 2am without much notice? A backpack with nappies included would be a LIFE SAVER! They do great work, check them out and donate to them if you can :)

I'm still exhausted from yesterday, I almost lost my voice from chatting non-stop, my legs and back ache from lugging 270 MCN from my car to the event (and standing up all day!) and there were a few other miscellaneous injuries:

  • One large knee bruise due to run in with a table

  • One mystery finger gash, one of those ones you don't notice you did until later

  • One HUGE shoulder bruise from running into a fire hose at full speed (I lost my keys at the end of the day and was sprinting from the carpark to the venue to look for them! Turns out I'd sent them home with Elizabeth in a random bag, her kind hubby drove them back to me!)

  • One chunk of my heart was missing all day as Butterfly tore around the venue with her amazing Grandma... I hardly saw her! Thank goodness for breastfeeding, she had to stop her fun and come back to me occasionally!

It was totally awesome to be involved in such a great event, Nicole and Elizabeth, my co-conspiritors, are AMAZING talented women who put in so much work! I'm glad to have made friends with two beautiful women.

Looks like we are being forced to smile at gunpoint huh... LOL three happy yet frazzled ladies!

Will I be involved next year? Ask me in a week. I'm still recovering from this one! The ANN have asked me to become a volunteer, which I may do, they do fantastic work to spread the cloth love!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Driving in the city is the DEBIL!

OK so today was SUCH a debarcle that I have to laugh about it!

I was invited to Nest Nappies in Paddington (the CITY! Gasp!) too meet the loverly Elizabeth. Now, normally I wouldn't venture past the Juliette Street exit. That was my limit. All of the one way streets, crazy traffic, makes me hyperventilate! But being all growed up and such, I thought I'd have a crack.

So we had swimming first. We hadn't been for a month due to a bunch of random reasons, so Butterfly was VERY excited to be in the pool! She was playing "Up! Down!" in the pool, which led to her swallowing copious amounts of that chloriney water. Pay attention to that fact, it comes into play later. I tried not to get my hair wet but B and her little friend, lets call him Billy, had a splashathon. God love em!

When I was at the swimming hall I overheard a conversation, apparently I had stolen someones car park (I knew it was me when they described the car), but I swear I didn't see them! I even remember thinking, "Wow, can't believe no one has already claimed this one!" And I LOOKED! Pfft anyway, I was panicking as I got to the car, I so expected them to have keyed it or something. Luckily they hadn't.

I calmed down as I drove away, but as I passed Juliette Street the blood pressure rose again! I had memorised the route on Google maps, I had my phone GPS talking to me (a useful function hubby had found the night before) so I was fairly confident. BUT then as I hit the city poor Butterfly started to vomit in the back. Scary vomiting, I was petrified she'd choke. (Theres all that pool water :S) So I had to pull into the nearest side street to cuddle and change her. Trouble is, it was a one way street, I couldn't turn around and reclaim my route, I was FOOKED.

So I held my phone in a trembling hand, trying to listen to GPS man. Only I didn't like him. He kept telling me directions two turns ahead, and I got them mixed with the directions he was telling me to follow then and there! "100 meters, turn left. 600 meters, turn right. Turn left now." WHAT? Also, GPS man, "turning" in my book is steering your car down another street, not just veering with the natural bends in the road. You confusing DOUCHE! Also: I think he took me the bendiest, most confusing route just for funsies.

So then I get lost in Paddington backstreets, and meanwhile Butterfly has started vomiting AGAIN! Should I now mention that was the only other clean shirt I had for her? So with a mixture of ass, GPS man and intuition I finally found Nest Nappies! Woo! I stagger in the door with a topless, upset baby, reeking of spew and ready for fun!! Elizabeth, bless her, offered one of her baby shirts for Butterfly to wear, but it wouldn't fit over her melon. SIGH.

We actually had a great afternoon, Elizabeth is super funny and also especially lovely! I also met Nicole of Krap Katchers, who is also a lovely lady! Butterlfy cruised around the courtyard half nekked, bathing in the dirt, tipping rocks on herself and drawing on her tummy with my pen. Bless her little heart!

When it was time to go, I had to put some clothes on B or her car straps annoy her. ALL I HAD... was a hooded winter jacket (it was HOT by the way). Should have seen the look she gave me when I put it on her, all, "MUM! Are you NUTS?" I bunged her straight in the air conditioned car (froze MY tits off, as I wasn't wearing a ski jumper!) and off we went. My love/hate relationship with GPS man began again, and only one wrong turn later we were on the highway, south of the Juliette street exit, and all was right with the world.

Next time I'm taking the fucking bus.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vege gardening week (but as always, lots of links to shopping too!)

Echo Way Boon Flair Highchair... http://www.echoway.com.au/catalog/item/7582753/8013715.htm and Yummy Earth Lollipops... http://www.echoway.com.au/catalog/item/7544934/7952843.htm

Red Cross... http://1.redcross.org.au/?fuseaction=newsroom.latestnews&sub=633

See Sam Upcycled kids clothing... http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=10799&id=116230585077775&ref=mf

Eco Toys Rainstick Tower... http://www.ecotoys.com.au/store/view-wooden-toys.php?toy=19

Little scents... http://www.littlescents.com.au/

Dragonfly toys (thanks Vi Nguyen!)... http://www.dragonflytoys.com.au/shop/index.php

Bubblebum clothing... http://www.bubblebum.com.au/

Durand Water Filter (fluoride)... http://durand.com.au/fluoridefilters.html

Miessence mineral mask... http://carbonfootprint.mionegroup.com/en/product/11304 and Cleansing bar... http://carbonfootprint.mionegroup.com/en/product/13211

Scamps boutique wooden rewards system... http://www.scamps.co.nz/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=23&products_id=84

Share your love... http://shareyourlove.com/#849 and http://shareyourlove.com/850

Deceptively Delicious... http://www.deceptivelydelicious.com/site/

Biological Farmers of Austraya (cheers Cara!)... http://www.bfa.com.au/index.asp?Sec_ID=132 and http://www.organicfooddirectory.com.au/

Vege gardening:

Vege gardenin for begginners... http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/vegetable/vegetable-gardening-for-beginners.htm

Companion planting... http://www.figtree.org.au/companion_planting.html

Gardening in small spaces: http://gardening.about.com/od/vegetables/a/SmVegGarden.htm


Tracey's links... http://green-change.com/2009/10/18/video-permaculture-concept-bill-mollison/

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Museum Funsies!

Today my little footprint family went into Brisbane to visit the Museum. Hubby drove as I REFUSE to drive in the city! One wrong turn and you'll end up in Adelaide... and unfortunately hubby took three... oh well, I'd always wanted to visit Perth!

Is a great place to take kids of all ages, entry is free, so all you have to pay for is parking or public transport. Butterfly sure loved it! She crawled around (refused to be picked up) and had fun discovering all the artefacts and animals... probably her favourite was the ant farm, which had little lights on cords that she had a ball fiddling with! She also liked the humpback whales near the entry... according to her they bark like dogs??? Bless her.

Anyway I leave you with some photos from today...

Inside a strangler fig!


Oooo waz dat?

Look Mumma!

Sharp teefies

Us girls getting edumacated

Butterfly puzzle!
I hope you had a great day too! PEACE

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The simple things...

Well! My little footprint family and I had a great day today!! We woke early(ish) and headed on down to the Ormeau fair... it was pretty good! I think it will be better for us next year, when Butterfly is old enough for face painting and rides!! They were a bit beyond her this year.

She did enjoy the animal farm!! This pesky goat kept trying to eat my hair and Butterfly's pants... I much preferred the calm sheep.

Butterfly tried to hug the animals!! She was most intrigued by the fluffy chicken and the Llama. There was a baby calf, which had runny poo running all down its legs, it wasn't a good look. When I mentioned it to my hubby he said, "Oh, thats probably because they are feeding it some crap formula instead of letting it be with its Mother!" I had to laugh, I didn't realise how much my pro-breastfeeding talk had influenced him...

I came across this cute stall of wooden toys, and got Butterfly this wooden shape sorter for $19.95!! I was stoked, I'd been looking for a good one, and this is a good one! I also spent a lot of time at the Bella Bumz stall talking to Rebecca, who had her precious baby asleep on her chest. Cluck cluck cluck!! I was impressed with her cloth nappies, I can't wait to try one! I have also ordered some cloth menstrual pads through her, I'm looking forward to getting them. Rebecca is super friendly and talented, you can have a squiz at her site here.

Butterfly's Dadda enjoyed the fair too, he bought this Penrith Panthers hat for $5 (modelled beautifully here by Butterfly) plus some other Panthers stuff, and dragged me (briefly, thank GAWD) through the old cars they were showing. All in all was a great morning and we will go back next year!

This arvo we went on an adventure to Ikea with Butterfly's grandparents. Which is always a bonus, as her Nanna can't resist buying her anything she shows an interest in!! As a result we came home with a tent and a tunnel courtesy of Nanna, and I bought her a cane chair, some soft fruit/veges/breakfast sets to go with her wooden kitchen she's getting for Christmas... and some random bits n peices (like a dishwashing brush, to do away with disposable scourers, ya know??) Butterfly has such a blast at Ikea, I must remember that when we are stuck for something to do on rainy days! I don't know if they approve of me sticking her in large bins full of sheepskin for funsies... but until the mention it, I'ma keep doing it!

To cap off a great day, I made Mars Bar Slice this evening, with Butterfly hanging around my ankles crying "Ta...Ta... Taaaaa!": her way of saying, Mumma I want some of that... GIMME! So when I was done we sat down on the kitchen floor together to lick the bowl! She really applied herself to the job, and as a result we both ended up having a second shower before bed... her Dadda shook his head at us, but life's all about the simple pleasures, am I right??

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My little fishie...

YAY!!! My very first Miessence order (well not technically my first, just the first exciting one!) arrived yesterday!

I tried to keep it to things I REALLY needed, so I still have stuff to order next month, and this is what I reduced it to! Oh, and that's Lavender standing guard over the new booty...
  • Baby cream wash (smells sooooo good!)
  • Foaming hand wash and concentrate: the concentrate fills 10 bottles and the foam is SO luxurious! One pump is ample, so should last AGES! Which is a good thing, coz I am so in love with this product! I wasn't all that excited about getting handwash, but when I got it I nearly went nuts! It is the prettiest smelling thing EVER!! Like barley sugar lollies! In fact I think I have to go get some barley sugars for my fix instead of washing my hands every two minutes...
  • Reflect Outdoor balm, as Butterfly and I spend a lot of time at the park with friends and I needed a good sunblock for her precious head! Haven't tested that one yet.
  • Jaffa lip balm... ORGASMIC!
  • Ancient Spice Roll on deodorant for Mr Footprint, he mowed the lawn today wearing it and didn't stink, so its a winner! (this one isn't pictured, hubby ran off with it as soon as the order came)
  • And one each of the two flavours of exfoliating cleansing bars. They come in these great natural sock things that exfoliates while you wash... I've only tried the tea tree one but its great!
Ohhh I can't wait for my next order already! It is so satisfying to finally replace the last of the supermarket toxic junk with natural alternatives... I was so smug yesterday as I took the Banana Boat Sunscreen down from the shelf and removed the yucky yellow soap from the shower! Now, don't have a coronary eco warriors, the sunscreen was almost empty and the soap will be kept for emergencies and the laundry, I shan't be wasteful!
In other news Butterfly went up to the toddler class at swimming today! Just after I got used to the new baby program... but she did SO well! I think she really liked the activities, as they are more designed for her age level... she isn't stuck doing the same program as the four month olds anymore. The other Mummas were shocked when I asked her to climb in safely and she promptly turned around and slid in, their two and three year olds weren't cooperating. Butterfly does that every day off the couch and bed!
Every lesson Butterfly gets jack of it half way through and signs for milk... and gets most upset when I tell her she can't have milk now, but soon. She's not used to waiting! She's not hungry though, its just her "go to" sign when she's out of her comfort zone.
Anyways I am one proud Mumma of one little fishie!
Man I just washed my hands again and they smell delicious! YUUUUM!
Oh, and don't forget, there are still TWO Jaffa Lip Balms left from my offer! So the next two orders from my website (for new customers) gets a FREE Jaffa lip balm!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I do LOVE a bargain!!

Last week was shite... food poisoning followed by a bad cold for Butterfly and I... we were stuck in the house all week! BORING! Plus I tend to get depressed if I don't see enough sunshine, vitamin D etc etc...

So yesterday we went to the Butterfly Tree Markets in search of amusement and/or wooden toys. We had a great time, there were SO many adorable clothes stalls, I could easily have spent a fortune! I was also tempted by some aromaplay clay, but thought better of it since Butterfly is still a bit young for it and thats something I want to buy fresh. What I DID buy is an adorable CD called "Homespun" by Nadia Sunde... its kind of like a kids CD, but not REALLY annoying!! She sings about the rain, going fishing, having a picnic etc, stuff that appeals to kids, but its good music!! I had to buy it, as she was right next to Hollie's Bumcheeks stall and we were there for a while... the music really grew on me. And Butterfly liked it to!

Didn't find many wooden toys, so from there we headed to the Carrara markets... walked around for an HOUR and didn't find ANYTHING!! On the way back to the car I found a little shop selling wooden toys, almost right next to the car!! Man, if I'd have walked left instead of right when I got there I would have saved myself a LOT of time! Anyway I got Butterfly this little wooden block truck and also wooden racing car thing I've tucked away for Christmas.

Still not satisfied with my purchases, Butterfly and I went shopping again today! Wasn't really planning on spending money, just for a look... but I found THE best bargain!! I have wanted Anamalz for a while now (if you thought Schleich was cool, Anamalz are the BEES KNEES of eco animal toys!), they retail for around $9.95 most places. So I went into the Early Learning Store... and found them for $4 each!!! O.M.G.!!!! Apparently some were even $2 but were sold out :O. So I bought one of each of the animals left (except the emu and panda, they didn't fit in with my farmyard crew... don't ask me to justify why the brown bear is a farmyard animal). So for the price of THREE I got EIGHT!! Are you not as excited as me? Maybe coz you haven't seen and felt these critters fo yoself!

From top left... goat, bull, camel, horse, llama,
In the front: donkey (SHREK! I'm lookin' down!), black ram and brown bear!

We enjoyed the rest of the morning in Borders, I bought Butterfly an Igglepiggle book and we sat down to share an iced chocolate (she likes to have a bit of the cream on top). I always love going out with Butterfly, she's great company! I get some strange stares from people because I like to entertain her, and I talk to her like she's a person (SHOCK: thats because she IS a person!). If Butterfly wants to play silly buggers in her carrier I'll play along. If I read her a book in a store I'm going to do the voices. If she wants to crawl back and forth at the petstore signing "puppy dog" and "puppy dog sleeping" I will share in her joy (FYI hardnosed petshop attendant: this is ADORABLE, not for you to scrunch your nose at).

On the way out I let Butterfly have a crawl around the little playground, and met a delighful three year old called Ella. She was smitten with Butterfly, kept stroking her hair (awww). She asked me if Butterfly had a peepee (I assume she meant penis??) so I said No. She agreed, said "boys have peepees. Do you have a boy baby at home?" I told her no. She surprised me by telling me Butterfly didn't like boys (which is totally TRUE, even the granddads can't get near her!). Maybe she just said that because she doesn't like boys. Or maybe she picked up on Butterfly' body language when a boy sat next to her? Whatever it was cute.

Ella talked to me for a good ten minutes, and held one of Butterfly's hands (and I the other) while she went down the slide. She was such a sweet little thing, and Butterfly liked her, waving bye bye as we walked away...

Twas a great morning, gave me the pick me up I needed!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Raspberry sundae

Don't you just LOVE proving people wrong? Especially when they underestimate you!

To all those people who said I was doing the wrong thing by dating a man ten years my senior *blows huge raspberry* ... we make beautiful babies!

To all those people who scoffed because I married the "first man who came along" *blows HUGE raspberry*

To all those people who said my schoolwork would suffer if my partner moved in with me *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who said I was too young to be a Mumma *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who said I HAD to let my daughter "cry it out" *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who said I would have to return to work after Butterfly was born "for my own sanity" *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who said I HAD to be having a boy because I was "fat all over" *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who think I have to have another c section just because I've already had one *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who think I can't continue to breastfeed my baby because she is over a year old, or two years old... *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people rolling their eyes at my new found vegetarianism *blows huge raspberry*

I love it when people tell me what I can or can't do... makes me so determined to prove them wrong!!

Does anyone you know deserve a big raspberry??

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The simple things...

So I had a GREAT day with Butterfly today!!

We had swimming lessons on this morning, and she did SO well, I let go of her under the water and she pulled herself up on my shirt! YAY! She is finally learning some skills that will help her if she ever gets into trouble around water (she started lessons at 4 months old). She LOVES swimming lessons, today her splashing was so exhuberant we all ended up with chlorine in our eyes!

This afternoon I was hanging out the washing... Butterfly was cruising around the backyard and handing me pegs as usual. Instead of scooping her up as soon as we were done, I took inspiration from one of my new favourite bloggers, the Nontox Soapbox, and sat down to play with my bubba. She handed me a "present" as she often does, and instead of thanking her and throwing it away as usual, I inspected it... it looked like a rock, but was a hard bit of mud with lots of interesting things embedded in it if you looked closely. Sometimes it is beautiful to see the world through your child's eyes... everything is a wonder to them! A grubby rock to us is, to them, an interesting object with a new texture, feel, composition.

We then sat together with the peg basket and poked them into the air conditioning unit to make interesting patterns, and then ran them up and down to make funny noises. Butterfly was having so much fun, she was "dancing" to the sound of the pegs and laughing when pegs fell out! She seemed so happy to share it with me, and I had fun watching her have fun.

Later on we baked chocolate cupcakes together, Butterfly LOVES to help me cook! I gave her a spoon so she could help me mix, she loves to stir the goop! She isn't a fan of the electric beaters (she makes me pick her up when they are on) but she IS a fan of licking the bowl!

My bubba also helped me wash up... actually I was trying to do it alone but she wanted to get involved, so I perched her on the sink and she had a ball! The warm water... the sponge... the tap... it was all a bunch of fun! Took me a lot longer than usual as she kept putting the clean items back in the water, but was worth it!

Needless to say the evening bath was required early...

Would have been a perfect day, only this evening her baby monitor turned off for some reason (maybe one of the cats bumped it??), and by the time I heard her crying and got to her the poor dear was beside herself! Tears streaming down her cheeks and she was sobbing. Broke my heart! Who knows how long she'd been calling for me?? Stupid monitor, I'm checking it every minute now...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My beautiful little Butterfly skipped her nap today and went to bed early! So I can finally sit down to talk shit with you guys...

I haven't thrown you a "listy" blog for a whiles, so here goes...

For those of you with all of this to look forward to, and for those who know it all too well...

Things I hadn't done until I was a Mumma!

  • Eaten something that had fallen out of someone else's mouth... well the bin was too far away!!

  • Pre-empted someone's vomit in time to catch it in my hand... then wiped it on my own jeans because I was in Target and without my nappy bag!

  • Shared a bath with someone who defecated in the water...

  • Picked someone else's nose. Then wiped it on my own jeans. (Yes, my poor jeans cop it a bit!)

  • On that note... had someone effectively "blow" their snotty nose on my boob while breastfeeding!

  • Also... had someone vomit all over my nipple after just drinking a litre of milk out of said nipple.

  • Held someone close to me while they were sick, so they remained clean while I got covered in vomit

  • Had someone attempt to pick my nose!

  • Had someone else feed me sultanas... off the floor! YUM!

  • Had to apologise to a friend for squirting them in the leg with breastmilk...

This day Butterfly pooed on me... I told my hubby, "Don't just stand there, GET something!"

He returned with the camera...

You know, none of the above things even gross me out! OK, so I wasn't impressed on the weekend when I got a hand full of poo trying to wipe Butterfly's butt... but that was an overly stinky one. Motherhood is messy, but luckily things aren't as gross when they come from one of your own!

I'd swim through a river of poo, pee and snot just for one of Butterfly's lushious cuddles!! I LOVE MY DAUGHTER!!

Pollution free home week... but I was easily distracted!!

Menstrual cup...

MyFun theme park pass... https://myfun.com.au/vippass/default.aspx

Tracey's links...
Electromagnetic frequencies... http://www.slimspurling.com/
Offgassing... http://www.natureneutral.com/learnOff.php
Natural Ioniser... http://www.springmountainnaturals.com/salt-candle.htm
Crystal Castle... http://www.crystalcastle.com.au/

Bubblebum kids clothing... http://www.bubblebum.com.au/

Well, naturally detoxifying blog (thanks to Erynne)... http://well-naturally.blogspot.com/2010/06/de-toxifying.html

Organic food SE QLD... http://www.foodconnect.com.au/

5 tips for healthy indoor air quality (thanks Bron!)... http://blog.ecomom.com/5-tips-for-healthy-indoor-air-quality/

Eco village (Jessica Gray)... http://theecovillage.com.au/

Using plants to cleanse the air... http://home-and-gardening.info/2009/10/16/pollution-free-house-with-natural-plants-grow-them-and-breathe-freely/


Natural Toothpaste... http://carbonfootprint.mionegroup.com/en/product/13102

Earthy Motherhood on circumcision... http://earthymotherhood.blogspot.com/2010/07/spending-day-next-to-victim-of.html

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All things Organic week!

Organic food directory... http://www.organicfooddirectory.com.au/

When its important to buy organic... http://www.thatsfit.com/2010/07/05/when-its-important-to-buy-organic/

SE QLD Organic food markets (thanks Jess Gray!)... http://www.brisbaneorganicmarket.com/markets.html

Organic clothing... http://organic.lovetoknow.com/Organic_Cotton_Clothing

Organic seeds (Jessica Gray being AWESOME again!)... http://www.edenseeds.com.au/content/default.asp

Moringa Tree (yes, I know Jess Gray did more this week that I did!! LOL)... http://www.enviro.org.au/article_moringaTree.asp

Acupressure bands for morning sickness...

Miessence certified organic personal products...

The dangers of toothpaste... http://www.downwithbasics.com/toothpastedanger.html

Natural, certified organic toothpaste... http://carbonfootprint.mionegroup.com/en/product/13101

Fluoride... http://worldental.org/nutrition/no-one-is-surprized-that-fluoride-is-a-toxic-waste/1595/

Natural insect repellant... http://www.organicsaustraliaonline.com.au/prod1193.htm

Organic toys, the Natural Newborn... http://www.organicsaustraliaonline.com.au/prod1193.htm

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Vego...

So I tried to go vegetarian a few years back, but it was such a weak effort... all I did was take the meat off the plate and NOT replace it, so I got super hungry super fast! We need protein, yeah? So it failed dismally.

My sister has successfully gone vegetarian, but she is selfishly still in the Galapogas living it up, so I can't readily ask her questions. I recall one eventful car trip with her... I used to live quite near an abattoir, and had to drive past it to get to my place. There we were, driving along, listening to music, when she suddenly winds down the window and yells... "MURDERERSSS!!!" I almost crashed the car. Thanks for that, Vic!

One of my fans opened my eyes recently (I'm sorry, I don't remember who it was!). She posted a video, wish I'd kept the link, of animals being treated DISGUSTINGLY by humans. I couldn't watch it all the way through, I was crying after the first few clips. She said I should watch it all the way through, especially if I still eat meat. I can't. So I KNOW that I have no business eating meat... ignorance isn't bliss, its selfish. Thats how I feel about my own diet, anyway.

This time I want to do it properly, research, find out what makes good meat substitutes. I feel like I have to be super careful not to get anaemic. I am a breastfeeder, plan to be until Butterfly is LEAST two years, and hopefully tandem feed her when the next bub is born. I have already lost SO much weight from feeding her, which alarms me a little, as its still coming off and although I eat well, I do eats me a lot of chocolate...

I have also had low iron in the past. So I have to do this thing properly so I can remain healthy and continue to make quality milk. Does anyone have any suggestions for books, or someone to consult about it? Like a naturopath or something? I'm pretty uninformed with this stuff.

If anyone could help me out with their favourite recipes, advice, or something?

You've changed, ohhhh, for the better...

I LOVE my daughter!

She is at such a beautiful age... OK, so I say that at every age... but she IS!! She has recently begun to enjoy the company of other babies, she interacts with them now instead of just tolerating their presence. Here she is with her little friend, F, whose blonde hair is a source of endless amusement...

Little F, bless her, sat down and let me know she wanted Butterfly to sit next to her... then went and got a book for them to read! Naww... Butterfly patted her face a lot (as she does) and stroked her hair. Then, without prompting, the pair of them shared the biggest cuddle!! Arms wrapped right around one another, and they held on for a good ten seconds... we all went, "Awwww!" and wished we had the cameras out! It was beyond adorable. I get the feeling Butterfly wants to walk more when she has been around older babies, she really studies the things they do. I might have to get her out more often.

That afternoon I sat Butterfly down in her highchair so we could share a banana. I asked her if she would like me to put Sia on (she LOVES music, especially the new Sia album!), she nodded and said "Dah", so I put it in and cranked it up. She immediately put her arms out to me, and made really urgent noises. She looked worried. I thought I must have put it on too loud or something, and picked her up.

Um, NO, she wasn't worried, she wanted OUT of her highchair so she could DANCE!! As soon as I picked her up she started laughing and kicking her legs! So I danced her around the living room while she squealed and laughed (and danced)... I must have lost 10 kgs! Phew! It was one of those heart melting things you wish someone else was around to see. She absolutely loves Sia's latest album, especially "You've Changed" and "Clap your hands". Its really upbeat, perfect for a little groover to dance to! Click here for Sia's single, "You've Changed"

Butterfly has also learned to sign "cat" and "bird", even if she only gets the signs approximately right, we know what she means! Oh, and the SINGING!! It is so cute to hear her sing, especially since she can't talk. Parenthood is great!

In other exciting news, Lawrence arrived today from Clothes Lime! Here he is... I luff him!

I was a little confused by the whole transaction, he was $1.92 on sale and his size said "small". So I didn't get my hopes up, I figured he was, like, keyring size!! Surely he had to be, to be so CHEAP? And when I payed, paypal said my transaction had been cancelled... but he disappeared from the website... so I wasn't even totally sure I had bought him!!

So I was ECSTATIC this morning when he arrived! And he isn't keyring size, he's perfect cuddle size! Not exactly small... around 30cm I'd guestimate. I am so in love, he is so imperfect and retro and adorable. He is MY teddy, even if Butterfly doesn't end up liking him!

Another great adventure buying from a WAHM...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Little FATSO!

So, OK, we went to the doctors today and Butterfly got her 12 month health check. Why do I even bother with those, I have no concerns about her development?

Our GP is a nice enough lady, but she ALWAYS tells us B is so FAT! Has been since she was 12 weeks old, apparently. Is getting a bit old. You should have seen the filthy look B gave her the last time she said it, was GOLD!

This visit was something else, though. I laughed off the first two FAT comments, but when she was examining B with her nappy off, she said, "Oh, look at those rolls! You're so FAT aren't you?" When exactly is she going to quit with that? The kicker is, as far as babies go, B isn't fat. She is a real chubba, I'm not blind, but surely a GP has seen kids much bigger? She says it as though nothing amuses her more than to see my babies chubby ass stroll into her office.

"Is she walking yet?"

"No, she can pull herself up and stroll along the furniture though"

"Oh, so she's just timid"

Um, NO, she's normal. She isn't sitting on the ground whimpering too scared to walk...

"Can you put her down so I can see?"

B sits there bewildered at being plonked on the floor... she didn't get the memo about having to immediately pull herself up and stroll along the furniture...

"Oh, look at her, she's so LAZY!"

Hey, EFF YOU lady! She isn't a performing Monkey!

"How long does she sleep at night"

"12 to 13 hours"


"But she still wakes around every hour"

"Thats not good. You'll have to do something about that. How do you get any sleep?"

"Well we cosleep so all I have to do is roll over and give her milk. Hubby usually sleeps in the spare room"

*Laughs* "How do you expect to make another baby then!"

"You don't make babies in your SLEEP"

She's laughing so hard, I don't think she even heard me.

"Well you will have to make sure her sleeping is better before you have another one. Be careful, babies can be manipulative"

SIGH. Theres the clincher. She sounds like a baby trainer. MANIPULATIVE. Because she wakes at night and wants her Mumma? You know, maybe she is right... I bet tiny, ONE year old Butterfly purposely wakes up, calls for me (stifling giggles) and makes me feed her JUST to annoy me.

So wanting milk during the day is normal. At night, she's just misbehaving by wanting it?


I leave you with a photo of my FAT, TIMID, LAZY baby.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The boys in BLUE

OK so a good friend of ours is a police man who retired this week. He emailed us a great poem I thought I'd share...

I'm Just Like You
"I have been where you fear to be
I have seen what you fear to see
I have done what you fear to do
All these things I have done for you.

I am one you lean upon
The one you cast your scorn upon
The one you bring your troubles to
All these things I have been for you

The one you ask to stand apart
The one you feel should have no heart
The one you call the "man in blue"
But I am a person, just like you

And through the years
I have come to see
That I am not what you ask of me
So take this badge, take this gun
Will you take it? - Will anyone?

And when you watch a person die
And hear a battered baby cry
Then do you think that you can be
All these things you ask of me?"

I love the police. They do the best they can with the resources they are given... and they aren't given many. I hear all the time, "my house was broken into and it took TWO days for the forensic guys to show up." Well I'm not surprised. Your house got broken into, I know that devastates you, but someone was raped, stabbed or murdered in your area, mind if they are attended to first? Not to mention the other 5000 houses that were broken into.

If I say I'm pro police, I inevitibly get told the SAME story... "I got a speeding ticket and the cop was a jerk!", well, you know what? He might have spent the morning telling someone their loved one had died. Or been spat on the night before. Or attended a horrific road accident. So forgive him for not wanting to hear your excuses for speeding. He's heard them all before. Nor does he want to hear that he is wasting his time giving you a fine when there are murderers on the loose. YAWN. ALL laws need to be enforced. If we let people speed then the road toll would be astronomical. I will let you in on a trade secret, a fail proof way to get out of speeding tickets... ready... DON'T SPEED! Now, don't go telling everyone...

Please don't comment with anti police shite. I don't want to hear it. I know not all coppers are good people, coz they are people. No occupation has a "100% No Douchebags" guarantee. But until you have seen a grown man reduced to tears because he spent the night holding the hand of a young man whose insides were outside... and was still ALIVE... you don't know what they go through in that uniform.

So if you DO get caught speeding, be nice to the policeman. He's working to protect you. Long hours. Attending horrific scenes. Working Christmas Day. MOST years.

End rant.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


This must have been the most planned birthday EVERRR! Man I'm tired... SUCH a busy day!! We all had a great time, Butterfly was so happy, content and confident considering the number of people around! She had a good ol' dance to the jukebox, I was thinking she was going to get stage fright!

All of the other mothers dressed their little ones up for the "Rock Chick" theme, they all looked ADORABLE!! Sausage boy ended up winning best dressed, he came with a rock outfit, stars on his face and he matched his Sausage date perfectly!! Kudos on the matching foot attire Sausage Mama... the prize was a BPA fre boon duckie (Slim)! It was a hard contest to judge!

All of the bubbas had a good boogie! I love watching babies dance, so uninhibited! Best dancer went to little Imogen, who entertained us with the chicken dance! Dude, an 18 month old doing the chicken dance is too adorable!! This was especially hard to pick, as there were some rad moves going around! Little Pheonix was getting dowwwwwwn! Imogen won herself some black babylegs with white stars, perfect for rock chicks!

I am so tired I don't think I will be able to get off the couch and actually go to bed... so here are some photos to help tell the story of the day!

The beginning of the decorating... I hung up Butterfly's baby clothes from when she was newborn (all in the colour theme!)... is a cheap way to decorate!!

Butterfly's birthday book for people to sign instead of cards... I am SO glad we did this, we got such lovely messages! Also notice the bowl of coloured chocolate lindt balls to entice people to the book!!

More cheap and meaningful decorations... clothes, toys, nappies (teehee), socks and my favourite mumma daughter photo!

The party favours... handmade guitar rattles!! One for each rock baby in attendance

Balloons, Balloons, Ballooooons!

My beautiful party girl!!

Errm... yeah... Sausage boy, the best dressed! Here he is wearing gluten free chocolate cupcakes!

The cupcakes!!! My friend Alethea made these as Butterfly's present!! The turned out FANTASTIC!! And tasted good too :)

All of the Mummas and Bubbas!

Mmm cupcakes!

Our food theme was mexican... chilli con carne (easy on the chilli), guacamole, layered bean dip, salsa, corn fritters, nachos, and fruit platter for the littlies!!

Butterfly hangin out by the jukebox!! My parents won us this jukebox in a pub raffle!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Butterfly and Footprint Dadda!

The most beautiful baby in the Universe!!
I love you Butterfly
Butterfly recieved some very lovely presents as well! All of them were great, but I especially loved the handmade ones... talented Nerissa made her TWO amazing dresses!! They are too cute for words, can't wait for her to wear them! Extra talented Megan made her a butterfly toy (I KNOWW!!! Cool hey!) and matching canvas. Rhiannon got her a strawberry plant in a pot (so eco and delicious, I LOVE it!!). The Sausages got her the most ADORABLE retro red and white striped swim suit! Sausage Mama just GETS me. Its the COOLEST!! Remind me to upload photos of these... but my camera is, like, over there, and the presents are over THERE.
Oh, and I also got some great organic bath products!!! Weeeeeeeeeee! Thanks Kylee :)
What a great day. I am stuffed. I had left over chilli con carne and cupcakes for dinner... uuuuurrrrgggh so full!
I don't think I've blogged her party justice, but it'll do for now :)
Goodnight zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz