Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My beautiful little Butterfly skipped her nap today and went to bed early! So I can finally sit down to talk shit with you guys...

I haven't thrown you a "listy" blog for a whiles, so here goes...

For those of you with all of this to look forward to, and for those who know it all too well...

Things I hadn't done until I was a Mumma!

  • Eaten something that had fallen out of someone else's mouth... well the bin was too far away!!

  • Pre-empted someone's vomit in time to catch it in my hand... then wiped it on my own jeans because I was in Target and without my nappy bag!

  • Shared a bath with someone who defecated in the water...

  • Picked someone else's nose. Then wiped it on my own jeans. (Yes, my poor jeans cop it a bit!)

  • On that note... had someone effectively "blow" their snotty nose on my boob while breastfeeding!

  • Also... had someone vomit all over my nipple after just drinking a litre of milk out of said nipple.

  • Held someone close to me while they were sick, so they remained clean while I got covered in vomit

  • Had someone attempt to pick my nose!

  • Had someone else feed me sultanas... off the floor! YUM!

  • Had to apologise to a friend for squirting them in the leg with breastmilk...

This day Butterfly pooed on me... I told my hubby, "Don't just stand there, GET something!"

He returned with the camera...

You know, none of the above things even gross me out! OK, so I wasn't impressed on the weekend when I got a hand full of poo trying to wipe Butterfly's butt... but that was an overly stinky one. Motherhood is messy, but luckily things aren't as gross when they come from one of your own!

I'd swim through a river of poo, pee and snot just for one of Butterfly's lushious cuddles!! I LOVE MY DAUGHTER!!


  1. i have tears in my eyes........ what a scream..... and so very true :D