Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Raspberry sundae

Don't you just LOVE proving people wrong? Especially when they underestimate you!

To all those people who said I was doing the wrong thing by dating a man ten years my senior *blows huge raspberry* ... we make beautiful babies!

To all those people who scoffed because I married the "first man who came along" *blows HUGE raspberry*

To all those people who said my schoolwork would suffer if my partner moved in with me *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who said I was too young to be a Mumma *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who said I HAD to let my daughter "cry it out" *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who said I would have to return to work after Butterfly was born "for my own sanity" *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who said I HAD to be having a boy because I was "fat all over" *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who think I have to have another c section just because I've already had one *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people who think I can't continue to breastfeed my baby because she is over a year old, or two years old... *blows huge raspberry*

To all those people rolling their eyes at my new found vegetarianism *blows huge raspberry*

I love it when people tell me what I can or can't do... makes me so determined to prove them wrong!!

Does anyone you know deserve a big raspberry??

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The simple things...

So I had a GREAT day with Butterfly today!!

We had swimming lessons on this morning, and she did SO well, I let go of her under the water and she pulled herself up on my shirt! YAY! She is finally learning some skills that will help her if she ever gets into trouble around water (she started lessons at 4 months old). She LOVES swimming lessons, today her splashing was so exhuberant we all ended up with chlorine in our eyes!

This afternoon I was hanging out the washing... Butterfly was cruising around the backyard and handing me pegs as usual. Instead of scooping her up as soon as we were done, I took inspiration from one of my new favourite bloggers, the Nontox Soapbox, and sat down to play with my bubba. She handed me a "present" as she often does, and instead of thanking her and throwing it away as usual, I inspected it... it looked like a rock, but was a hard bit of mud with lots of interesting things embedded in it if you looked closely. Sometimes it is beautiful to see the world through your child's eyes... everything is a wonder to them! A grubby rock to us is, to them, an interesting object with a new texture, feel, composition.

We then sat together with the peg basket and poked them into the air conditioning unit to make interesting patterns, and then ran them up and down to make funny noises. Butterfly was having so much fun, she was "dancing" to the sound of the pegs and laughing when pegs fell out! She seemed so happy to share it with me, and I had fun watching her have fun.

Later on we baked chocolate cupcakes together, Butterfly LOVES to help me cook! I gave her a spoon so she could help me mix, she loves to stir the goop! She isn't a fan of the electric beaters (she makes me pick her up when they are on) but she IS a fan of licking the bowl!

My bubba also helped me wash up... actually I was trying to do it alone but she wanted to get involved, so I perched her on the sink and she had a ball! The warm water... the sponge... the tap... it was all a bunch of fun! Took me a lot longer than usual as she kept putting the clean items back in the water, but was worth it!

Needless to say the evening bath was required early...

Would have been a perfect day, only this evening her baby monitor turned off for some reason (maybe one of the cats bumped it??), and by the time I heard her crying and got to her the poor dear was beside herself! Tears streaming down her cheeks and she was sobbing. Broke my heart! Who knows how long she'd been calling for me?? Stupid monitor, I'm checking it every minute now...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My beautiful little Butterfly skipped her nap today and went to bed early! So I can finally sit down to talk shit with you guys...

I haven't thrown you a "listy" blog for a whiles, so here goes...

For those of you with all of this to look forward to, and for those who know it all too well...

Things I hadn't done until I was a Mumma!

  • Eaten something that had fallen out of someone else's mouth... well the bin was too far away!!

  • Pre-empted someone's vomit in time to catch it in my hand... then wiped it on my own jeans because I was in Target and without my nappy bag!

  • Shared a bath with someone who defecated in the water...

  • Picked someone else's nose. Then wiped it on my own jeans. (Yes, my poor jeans cop it a bit!)

  • On that note... had someone effectively "blow" their snotty nose on my boob while breastfeeding!

  • Also... had someone vomit all over my nipple after just drinking a litre of milk out of said nipple.

  • Held someone close to me while they were sick, so they remained clean while I got covered in vomit

  • Had someone attempt to pick my nose!

  • Had someone else feed me sultanas... off the floor! YUM!

  • Had to apologise to a friend for squirting them in the leg with breastmilk...

This day Butterfly pooed on me... I told my hubby, "Don't just stand there, GET something!"

He returned with the camera...

You know, none of the above things even gross me out! OK, so I wasn't impressed on the weekend when I got a hand full of poo trying to wipe Butterfly's butt... but that was an overly stinky one. Motherhood is messy, but luckily things aren't as gross when they come from one of your own!

I'd swim through a river of poo, pee and snot just for one of Butterfly's lushious cuddles!! I LOVE MY DAUGHTER!!

Pollution free home week... but I was easily distracted!!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All things Organic week!

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