Thursday, March 25, 2010


Butterfly and I woke up at 7am this morning... well, this is misleading, as to say I "woke" up implies that I was actually asleep to begin with. So let me rephrase: Butterfly woke up at 7am this morning...

I was knackered! I went to bed at 8pm last night, but even still I estimate I would have actually gotten around 2 hours sleep. Broken up. Awesome beans.

I was unimpressed to see that the kitchen fairy had not been (since I went to bed almost straight after dinner), and it was a MESS. Greeaaat. So I stumbly around all drunk like getting Butterfly her breakfast ready. After she is finished I make myself some toast and sit down to watch the news. She has half of one of my pieces, as she does. Usually she just sucks on it a bit or licks the butter off her fingers, but this morning she was really chowing down! I keep an eye on her eating as I watch the news, seeing her pick bits she has dropped off the carpet and eat them, as babies tend to do. I am not worried. I SHOULD be...

When she abandons her toast and crawls off for another adventure, I go over to pick up the remains of the toast. I pick up the big bits, then notice two roundish peices. I go to pick them up... you wouldn't believe it, EFFING MAGGOTS!! Eww Ewww Ewww EWWWW! YUCK! DISGUSTING!! She was picking bits off the carpet and EATING THEM! There is a high probability that she ate. a. MAGGOT! I almost spew. I still might...

So the rest of the morning is devoted to maggot killing (boiling water is the only thing I have found to work). Now, I know from this and my last blog it sounds like I must live in some kind of hovel. I really don't! But when you recycle so much, and have a large garbage bin, by the time your hubby changes the bag, the flies have had a good chance to have sex on your left over spaghetti and lay eggs in your moudly bread! So judge me not!

Finally I kill all the disgusting fly larvae and Butterfly and I go back to bed for a morning nap. Ahhh, a couple of hours sleep, I am looking forward to it! 40 minutes later she is wide awake. I am possibly even more tired than before. Sick one.

To cheer myself up I take a drive to "Vintage is Beautiful" HQ to pick up the teddy we won in a competition. Lovely Jenny also gives Butterfly a dress/leggings set for her birthday! This absolutely makes my day, it is the CUTEST THING EVERRRR! I spy a zillion things that Butterfly must have, Jenny's stuff is just amazing! Check it out!

Anyway after that I make a beeline for Wendy's and my "chocolate ban" is spectacularly ended with a Mega Choc Shake (for those unfamiliar, it is a choc thick shake with a big scoop of decadent choc ice cream in it and sprinkled with milk and white choc bits. ORGASMIC!!!) Who says I eat my feelings eh?

So my day hasn't been ALL bad, but shit it got off to a bad start. I am hanging out for hubby to come home so I can have a nap while he entertains the little one! He is also getting a talking to about emptying the bin before it hits crisis levels...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mumma V Cockroach


It is 2am. Butterfly has not let me sleep a wink yet (she is waking every 10 to 30 minutes, just long enough that Mumma is drifting off, but not ASLEEP!) I am lying there feeding her when I feel a scratch on my face... disgusted, I flick it off! WHACK! It hits the wall on the other side of the room. Its a damn cockroach! Arrrgh! YUCK! I hate cockies, we had the house sprayed but we didn't do our bedroom as Butterfly was sleeping in there at the time. If this sucker is pesticide affected he ain't showing it...

I try to lie back down when Butterfly is finished and go to sleep. But this is a big one. I can HEAR him scratching around a box on my drawers. I wish I could kick hubby out of bed to kill it, but he is on call so he is sleeping in the spare room. I try to put up with it, surely this cockie will just get bored in here and run out under the door? I mean there is nothing for him to EAT in here? Not so. Butterfly stirrs again, and while feeding her he appears on my doona. I flick him off again. Now I can hear him scratching around our shelf. It makes my skin crawl. He is making me mad, he won't leave me alone!

I must interrupt here to say that I am the biggest advocate of insect rights. I used to get into fights with a girl at school who used to kill ants in horrible ways because they dared to walk near her at lunch. I even felt sad earlier in the night when I saw a big tree ant dying in the bathroom from the pesticides. I always make hubby catch and release spiders instead of killing them...

However this son of a BITCH cockroach has pissed me off. Maybe it is because I haven't gotten any sleep. Whatever the reason, he is about to pay big time! The final straw for me was when I heard him scratching on the other side of the room, and then seconds later he appeared, crawling around Butterfly's cot. EFF YOU MR COCKROACH! He is far too active, he has done his dash... so when he makes it onto my pillow I flick him as hard as I can.

BAM! He hits the dressing table. He is lying there (not DEAD of course), but I gave him one helluva headache. The only thing I can find to "finish" the job is one of Butterfly's tiny shoes that is on the table for some reason. I prod him... he jumps up and scuttles off... BAM! I hit him with her shoe. Now he has a migraine. I use the shoe to flick him out the bedroom door. BAM! I hit him again. He is still. I prod him, and he tries to scuttle off! This shoe is too small and light. So I look for another weapon. I choose an old powder bottle. WHAM! Now he is a paraplegic. WHAM! Quadriplegic. THUMP! Being a cockie, he is still alive, but he's fooked now. I forget my eco mission and pick him up with a massive handful of toilet paper. Then he gets a water burial.

Mumma 1... Mr Cockroach 0. Don't mess with me vermin, it doesn't take much to peeve me off at 2am!

Do you know the bit that annoyed me the most? My Butterfly, who was waking infuriatingly often, slept through the whole thing. The ordeal lasted at least 20 minutes (I was rather slow to choose my weapons, and even slower to get the courage to pick up and flush the battered body). I was making one helluva racket. BAM! WHAM! THUMP! SQUEAL! Sound asleep.

Until I got back to bed... sigh.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

24 reasons I am a typical 24 year old

I had a birthday at Christmas time, I am the ripe old age of 24!! And I am a totally typical 24 year old. I like to:

1. Go dancing... around my living room, waltzing my bub around to the music
2. Go to parties... 1st birthday parties. Cake and balloons, they go OFF!
3. Stay up late... patting Butterfly on the bum and singing a never ending version of "In the Jungle" when she is unwell and won't sleep
4. Go to the movies... by myself... squeezed in between breastfeeds... to see? whatever is playing at the appropriate time when I get there (what is with the blockbusters being 50 hours long so I can't possibly watch them in 3D??)
5. Catch up with friends... as long as I plan it at a "nap appropriate" time so Butterfly isn't grumbly, plan and pack a nutritious yet not too "colourful" lunch (in case she throws it at the walls), pack a nappy bag with two of everything (in case of poo explosion) and TWO sippy cups (because the older babies always steal them off her, and one might have a snotty nose)
6. Talk on the phone... to 13HEALTH nurses about the exact colour, distribution and bumpiness of Butterfly's rash
7. Go SHOPPING!!... online. For MCN.
8. Buy new handbags... did I say handbags? I meant WETbags...
9. Watch TV... my favourites are "Yo Gabba Gabba" and "Playschool"
10. Sleep in... well, not so much sleeping in as just "sleeping", when I have been up all night and my hubby takes the morning shift so I can catch up on some shut eye
11. Go to the beach... outside of the hours of 10am - 2pm, as long as Butterfly has a full length rash suit on, sunscreen everywhere, and even then I have to resist the urge to sit with an umbrella over her precious head
12. Read books... currently I am reading "Baby-Led Weaning" by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett
13. Occasionally get dressed up... or should I say, occasionally get dressed
14. Have a few beers... Ginger, that is
15. Go to concerts... when are the Wiggles in town again??
16. Sing loudly in my car... "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" when I am half way to the Gold Coast and Butterfly is tired and crying
17. Surf the internet... looking for a solution to Butterfly's sleep problems and chatting to other Mums about nappies
18. Go out for breakfast with friends... well, we have already had breakfast as Butterfly woke so early, so for us it is more like lunch
19. Experiment in the bedroom... should we try a white noise machine to make our cosleeping princess sleep better?
20. Have dinner with my husband... a cold dinner. Butterfly woke up in the middle. By the time I get back he is finished and sitting in front of the TV, so I finish alone
21. Try new things... I like the look of Junglebumz nappies
22. Live dangerously... this is known as "nappy free time"
23. Get hit on by random boys... so if your child is the one physically abusing me, could you please ask them to stop?
24. Wear low cut tops... for easy boob access

See, I am a typical 24 year old. Parenthood hasn't changed me a bit! I love you Butterfly, more than you will ever know xoxo

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doozy of a TWOSIE!

Scene... Butterfly and I have walked into the doctors surgery and sat down. A new mother sneaks over pointing at Butterfly's yellow itti bitti d'lish nappy. "Here we go" I think... "This mother is going to ask where I got that ADORABLE nappy"... I start mentally preparing my spiel: "Oh, its an itti bitti nappy, they are the BEST! Really easy to clean, its no sweat, just tip the wetbag into the wash every second day and turn it on!!"

Anyway the woman comes up to me and says "Excuse me, but your baby needs a nappy change, it is leaking EVERYWHERE!" I look down. Yep. EVERYWHERE. Up her legs. On the floor. On my jeans. On my T-shirt.

I just froze. I wasn't really prepared for a nappy change, I mean I have the equipment but I don't even know if there is a change mat in the toilet. Eventually I go and seek out the toilet, and get even more covered in excrement cleaning my squirmy, crying bubba. SIGH.

That is the second time I have had a poo explosion in a week! On Tuesday I rocked up to a first birthday party, and was greeted by a nasty squelch when I picked Butterfly up out of the car. I felt so rude, I couldn't really say happy birthday, I had to find somewhere to change her STAT! She almost needed a shower, luckily I had bought her a change of clothes. That time I put it down to the fact I had squeezed her bum into a medium nappy when she is a large. Turns out it wasn't the case!

OK, I know I am not doing any favours for the cloth nappy movement with this story. But really, this is the first time it has happened to us, and Butterfly is 9 months old. Well, first and second! Butterfly is teething and it is causing really runny, stingy twosies that she seems to want to sneak out in the car when I am oblivious... we practice elimination communication so I am used to her doing her poos on the toilet! Going back to wiping poo that has been well and truly smooshed into every nook and cranny... bleuch!

I LOVE MCNs!! I really do! I used disposables for 4 months, before I discovered the wonder of cloth! I used to sprout the whole, "Cloth isn't even that good for the environment coz you have to wash them blah blah blah...", that is such a convenient line of thought when you are using 10 sposies a day!

I ordered an itti bitti trial pack after my friend and Sausage Mama sparked my interest... as soon as they came I was planning to buy more, more, MORE!! I think I had ordered another 13 by the end of the week (woops... I was still getting maternity pay LOL). Right now I think I would have about 40ish (I haven't counted) but thats because I had a full set of mediums and now a full set of larges.

I love cloth because...
They are so cute... SO CUTE! They are part of Butterfly's outfit, it is fun to mix and match them with her t-shirts!
They are so easy to clean, tip the wetbag in the wash, and press go! No soaking, no bleaching, nuttin.
They are much better for her bum, my hip pocket and the environment!

The two companies I personally swear by are
itti bitti

Other fans highly recommend these brands
Cushie Tushie
Genesa Forge
Bizy Bee
Noonee Wilga
Baby Beehinds
Wild Child
Cherubs kiss
Crickets Hemp Diapers (can't find the link...)
Monk n Bear
Goochi by Scarlett Jayne

Phew! You can thank me later for looking up all those links! I'm stuffed!

Happy shopping! Go on... just buy ONE... (hears cloth users laughing in the background... no one can stop at one!)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lets NOT and say we did

OK, so I feel compelled to share a recipe for laundry liquid that is cheap and eco friendly. Although, really, with Wild Soapnuts and Eco balls being so economical, could any of us REALLY be assed making it??

Clothes washing Soap

1 cake pure soap (125g) or 3 cups soap flakes
1 large cup of washing soda
3 x 9 litre buckets (or a GIANT container!)

Grate or cut the soap into small peices. Add to 1 - 2 litres of water in an old saucepan and bring to the boil. Mash with a potato masher as it comes to the boil. You don't need to wait until the soap is completely dissolved.

Dissolve 1 large cup of washing soda in 1 - 2 litres of hot water in a bucket. Add the soap mixture while still hot.

Using an old strainer, strain the liquid soap into the soda solution. It HAS to be done in this order. Save the left over soap bits in a bit of water for next time.

Divide the solution equally between your 3 buckets and slowly fill each bucket with cold water. Mix with a wooden spoon. This will set into a soft gel which can be used in your washing machine in cold water. For better results, dissolve in hot water first.

Use 2 -3 large cups of this mixture per wash (or more if a large load)

This mixture is good for presoaking clothes (hear that Bronwyn???)

This laundry solution is suitable for front loading and top loading machines.

This was adapted from BARBARA LORD'S GREEN CLEANER. Get it guys, it is such a handy reference!

I am a total Wild Soapnuts convert, so I can't see me getting around to making this any time soon... if you give it a burl, let us know how ya go??

My baby is awake after only 20 minutes sleep... little monkey... so I must go!

Have a great weekend guys, don't forget to comment on my last blog for your chance to WIN WILD SOAPNUTS!!!!


My snotty nosed wakey girl!

Monday, March 1, 2010

WOW!! What a month!! If you ask me what my favourite age is, I always say the one Butterfly is at!! Parenthood just keeps getting better doesn't it! I tell you what, though, this month has been a corker, my babe's development has powered ahead, with a new trick almost every day...

Fortunately, this month coincides with my husband's holidays (he took the whole month off). So he got to join in the fun!

First, Butterfly started trying to crawl... backwards!!

She is now able to stand holding onto furniture (although still needs help to get up there!)

She looked straight at me and said "Mum"... yeah, I know, total accident, but I am claiming it!

On her 8 month birthday Butterfly took her first crawl "step" forwards!

She learned to blow proper, tongue out rasberries! (This is an older photo, I haven't captured the tongue yet!!)

She started waving hello (and goodbye)... it is so cute, she waves at Iggle Piggle at the end of "In the Night Garden" when he waves goodbye! Nawww.

She started babbling Dadadada

Then she TOOK OFF CRAWLING!! For reals!! We had fish and chips sitting on the carpet eating an early tea, and she wanted them BAAAD. Nothing like incentive to get the legs and arms moving... she truly is my daughter, bending over backwards to get to food! My Mum says I am mean for not giving her a chip when she crawled over to them, clever as she was, but rules are rules!! 8 months is too young for fried foods in my opinion...

Finally she learned to feed herself with a spoon (although she is an even worse shot than I am, if that's possible!)

I am so proud of my darling and the progress she is making, she looks so happy with herself when she learns a new skill. What a great time to be her Mumma!