Thursday, March 25, 2010


Butterfly and I woke up at 7am this morning... well, this is misleading, as to say I "woke" up implies that I was actually asleep to begin with. So let me rephrase: Butterfly woke up at 7am this morning...

I was knackered! I went to bed at 8pm last night, but even still I estimate I would have actually gotten around 2 hours sleep. Broken up. Awesome beans.

I was unimpressed to see that the kitchen fairy had not been (since I went to bed almost straight after dinner), and it was a MESS. Greeaaat. So I stumbly around all drunk like getting Butterfly her breakfast ready. After she is finished I make myself some toast and sit down to watch the news. She has half of one of my pieces, as she does. Usually she just sucks on it a bit or licks the butter off her fingers, but this morning she was really chowing down! I keep an eye on her eating as I watch the news, seeing her pick bits she has dropped off the carpet and eat them, as babies tend to do. I am not worried. I SHOULD be...

When she abandons her toast and crawls off for another adventure, I go over to pick up the remains of the toast. I pick up the big bits, then notice two roundish peices. I go to pick them up... you wouldn't believe it, EFFING MAGGOTS!! Eww Ewww Ewww EWWWW! YUCK! DISGUSTING!! She was picking bits off the carpet and EATING THEM! There is a high probability that she ate. a. MAGGOT! I almost spew. I still might...

So the rest of the morning is devoted to maggot killing (boiling water is the only thing I have found to work). Now, I know from this and my last blog it sounds like I must live in some kind of hovel. I really don't! But when you recycle so much, and have a large garbage bin, by the time your hubby changes the bag, the flies have had a good chance to have sex on your left over spaghetti and lay eggs in your moudly bread! So judge me not!

Finally I kill all the disgusting fly larvae and Butterfly and I go back to bed for a morning nap. Ahhh, a couple of hours sleep, I am looking forward to it! 40 minutes later she is wide awake. I am possibly even more tired than before. Sick one.

To cheer myself up I take a drive to "Vintage is Beautiful" HQ to pick up the teddy we won in a competition. Lovely Jenny also gives Butterfly a dress/leggings set for her birthday! This absolutely makes my day, it is the CUTEST THING EVERRRR! I spy a zillion things that Butterfly must have, Jenny's stuff is just amazing! Check it out!

Anyway after that I make a beeline for Wendy's and my "chocolate ban" is spectacularly ended with a Mega Choc Shake (for those unfamiliar, it is a choc thick shake with a big scoop of decadent choc ice cream in it and sprinkled with milk and white choc bits. ORGASMIC!!!) Who says I eat my feelings eh?

So my day hasn't been ALL bad, but shit it got off to a bad start. I am hanging out for hubby to come home so I can have a nap while he entertains the little one! He is also getting a talking to about emptying the bin before it hits crisis levels...


  1. bugger.... my post got eaten :(


    sorry to hear about Butterfly's maggot incident :( i hate maggots.... I'm glad she wasn't ill.

    we have creatures of all sorts inside.... and it's not about how we live either

  2. Oh gawd. Thank you for sharing this. We can't get rid of fruit flies at the moment, although our glass of red wine vinegar is a great catcherer!

    Love that dress on Butterfly. Jenny has some awesome stuff huh?