Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lets NOT and say we did

OK, so I feel compelled to share a recipe for laundry liquid that is cheap and eco friendly. Although, really, with Wild Soapnuts and Eco balls being so economical, could any of us REALLY be assed making it??

Clothes washing Soap

1 cake pure soap (125g) or 3 cups soap flakes
1 large cup of washing soda
3 x 9 litre buckets (or a GIANT container!)

Grate or cut the soap into small peices. Add to 1 - 2 litres of water in an old saucepan and bring to the boil. Mash with a potato masher as it comes to the boil. You don't need to wait until the soap is completely dissolved.

Dissolve 1 large cup of washing soda in 1 - 2 litres of hot water in a bucket. Add the soap mixture while still hot.

Using an old strainer, strain the liquid soap into the soda solution. It HAS to be done in this order. Save the left over soap bits in a bit of water for next time.

Divide the solution equally between your 3 buckets and slowly fill each bucket with cold water. Mix with a wooden spoon. This will set into a soft gel which can be used in your washing machine in cold water. For better results, dissolve in hot water first.

Use 2 -3 large cups of this mixture per wash (or more if a large load)

This mixture is good for presoaking clothes (hear that Bronwyn???)

This laundry solution is suitable for front loading and top loading machines.

This was adapted from BARBARA LORD'S GREEN CLEANER. Get it guys, it is such a handy reference!

I am a total Wild Soapnuts convert, so I can't see me getting around to making this any time soon... if you give it a burl, let us know how ya go??

My baby is awake after only 20 minutes sleep... little monkey... so I must go!

Have a great weekend guys, don't forget to comment on my last blog for your chance to WIN WILD SOAPNUTS!!!!


My snotty nosed wakey girl!

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