Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doozy of a TWOSIE!

Scene... Butterfly and I have walked into the doctors surgery and sat down. A new mother sneaks over pointing at Butterfly's yellow itti bitti d'lish nappy. "Here we go" I think... "This mother is going to ask where I got that ADORABLE nappy"... I start mentally preparing my spiel: "Oh, its an itti bitti nappy, they are the BEST! Really easy to clean, its no sweat, just tip the wetbag into the wash every second day and turn it on!!"

Anyway the woman comes up to me and says "Excuse me, but your baby needs a nappy change, it is leaking EVERYWHERE!" I look down. Yep. EVERYWHERE. Up her legs. On the floor. On my jeans. On my T-shirt.

I just froze. I wasn't really prepared for a nappy change, I mean I have the equipment but I don't even know if there is a change mat in the toilet. Eventually I go and seek out the toilet, and get even more covered in excrement cleaning my squirmy, crying bubba. SIGH.

That is the second time I have had a poo explosion in a week! On Tuesday I rocked up to a first birthday party, and was greeted by a nasty squelch when I picked Butterfly up out of the car. I felt so rude, I couldn't really say happy birthday, I had to find somewhere to change her STAT! She almost needed a shower, luckily I had bought her a change of clothes. That time I put it down to the fact I had squeezed her bum into a medium nappy when she is a large. Turns out it wasn't the case!

OK, I know I am not doing any favours for the cloth nappy movement with this story. But really, this is the first time it has happened to us, and Butterfly is 9 months old. Well, first and second! Butterfly is teething and it is causing really runny, stingy twosies that she seems to want to sneak out in the car when I am oblivious... we practice elimination communication so I am used to her doing her poos on the toilet! Going back to wiping poo that has been well and truly smooshed into every nook and cranny... bleuch!

I LOVE MCNs!! I really do! I used disposables for 4 months, before I discovered the wonder of cloth! I used to sprout the whole, "Cloth isn't even that good for the environment coz you have to wash them blah blah blah...", that is such a convenient line of thought when you are using 10 sposies a day!

I ordered an itti bitti trial pack after my friend and Sausage Mama sparked my interest... as soon as they came I was planning to buy more, more, MORE!! I think I had ordered another 13 by the end of the week (woops... I was still getting maternity pay LOL). Right now I think I would have about 40ish (I haven't counted) but thats because I had a full set of mediums and now a full set of larges.

I love cloth because...
They are so cute... SO CUTE! They are part of Butterfly's outfit, it is fun to mix and match them with her t-shirts!
They are so easy to clean, tip the wetbag in the wash, and press go! No soaking, no bleaching, nuttin.
They are much better for her bum, my hip pocket and the environment!

The two companies I personally swear by are
itti bitti

Other fans highly recommend these brands
Cushie Tushie
Genesa Forge
Bizy Bee
Noonee Wilga
Baby Beehinds
Wild Child
Cherubs kiss
Crickets Hemp Diapers (can't find the link...)
Monk n Bear
Goochi by Scarlett Jayne

Phew! You can thank me later for looking up all those links! I'm stuffed!

Happy shopping! Go on... just buy ONE... (hears cloth users laughing in the background... no one can stop at one!)

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  1. Omg I feel for you so badly. I would cry if that happened to me. I literally think I would :/
    More so because I'm the unorganised mother who FORGETS the change of clothes. And the mother who does hose her baby down when those twosies happen! lol
    But I have to say, yes you are right, Ittis are awful at contain those teething poopies, sorry Itti but its true :(
    I had a week where every second day Rian was pooping on the floor! Bad business!
    Never had an escape with a Baby Beehind or Cushie Tushie though. Close call but no escape lol.

    But the drama of that aside, its worth it.
    I've had disposables leak, they are not leak proof. And they always leaked wet at night. ALWAYS!!
    I love my cloth, I really should name them I love them that much!
    I have 27 I think, with the majority of those being Itti Bitti d'lish :)
    I was converted by an old friend who was making her own, then when I talked to another old friend she told me about Itti Bitti, which I had seen but looked up again and took the plunge and bought the trial pack.