Monday, March 1, 2010

WOW!! What a month!! If you ask me what my favourite age is, I always say the one Butterfly is at!! Parenthood just keeps getting better doesn't it! I tell you what, though, this month has been a corker, my babe's development has powered ahead, with a new trick almost every day...

Fortunately, this month coincides with my husband's holidays (he took the whole month off). So he got to join in the fun!

First, Butterfly started trying to crawl... backwards!!

She is now able to stand holding onto furniture (although still needs help to get up there!)

She looked straight at me and said "Mum"... yeah, I know, total accident, but I am claiming it!

On her 8 month birthday Butterfly took her first crawl "step" forwards!

She learned to blow proper, tongue out rasberries! (This is an older photo, I haven't captured the tongue yet!!)

She started waving hello (and goodbye)... it is so cute, she waves at Iggle Piggle at the end of "In the Night Garden" when he waves goodbye! Nawww.

She started babbling Dadadada

Then she TOOK OFF CRAWLING!! For reals!! We had fish and chips sitting on the carpet eating an early tea, and she wanted them BAAAD. Nothing like incentive to get the legs and arms moving... she truly is my daughter, bending over backwards to get to food! My Mum says I am mean for not giving her a chip when she crawled over to them, clever as she was, but rules are rules!! 8 months is too young for fried foods in my opinion...

Finally she learned to feed herself with a spoon (although she is an even worse shot than I am, if that's possible!)

I am so proud of my darling and the progress she is making, she looks so happy with herself when she learns a new skill. What a great time to be her Mumma!

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