Wednesday, March 17, 2010

24 reasons I am a typical 24 year old

I had a birthday at Christmas time, I am the ripe old age of 24!! And I am a totally typical 24 year old. I like to:

1. Go dancing... around my living room, waltzing my bub around to the music
2. Go to parties... 1st birthday parties. Cake and balloons, they go OFF!
3. Stay up late... patting Butterfly on the bum and singing a never ending version of "In the Jungle" when she is unwell and won't sleep
4. Go to the movies... by myself... squeezed in between breastfeeds... to see? whatever is playing at the appropriate time when I get there (what is with the blockbusters being 50 hours long so I can't possibly watch them in 3D??)
5. Catch up with friends... as long as I plan it at a "nap appropriate" time so Butterfly isn't grumbly, plan and pack a nutritious yet not too "colourful" lunch (in case she throws it at the walls), pack a nappy bag with two of everything (in case of poo explosion) and TWO sippy cups (because the older babies always steal them off her, and one might have a snotty nose)
6. Talk on the phone... to 13HEALTH nurses about the exact colour, distribution and bumpiness of Butterfly's rash
7. Go SHOPPING!!... online. For MCN.
8. Buy new handbags... did I say handbags? I meant WETbags...
9. Watch TV... my favourites are "Yo Gabba Gabba" and "Playschool"
10. Sleep in... well, not so much sleeping in as just "sleeping", when I have been up all night and my hubby takes the morning shift so I can catch up on some shut eye
11. Go to the beach... outside of the hours of 10am - 2pm, as long as Butterfly has a full length rash suit on, sunscreen everywhere, and even then I have to resist the urge to sit with an umbrella over her precious head
12. Read books... currently I am reading "Baby-Led Weaning" by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett
13. Occasionally get dressed up... or should I say, occasionally get dressed
14. Have a few beers... Ginger, that is
15. Go to concerts... when are the Wiggles in town again??
16. Sing loudly in my car... "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" when I am half way to the Gold Coast and Butterfly is tired and crying
17. Surf the internet... looking for a solution to Butterfly's sleep problems and chatting to other Mums about nappies
18. Go out for breakfast with friends... well, we have already had breakfast as Butterfly woke so early, so for us it is more like lunch
19. Experiment in the bedroom... should we try a white noise machine to make our cosleeping princess sleep better?
20. Have dinner with my husband... a cold dinner. Butterfly woke up in the middle. By the time I get back he is finished and sitting in front of the TV, so I finish alone
21. Try new things... I like the look of Junglebumz nappies
22. Live dangerously... this is known as "nappy free time"
23. Get hit on by random boys... so if your child is the one physically abusing me, could you please ask them to stop?
24. Wear low cut tops... for easy boob access

See, I am a typical 24 year old. Parenthood hasn't changed me a bit! I love you Butterfly, more than you will ever know xoxo


  1. That was very clever! Your an awesome mum and an inspiration to many.........
    From your friend and mum learning and growing together.

  2. Great blog!!
    Enjoyed reading that thanks!! would now like to claim that I too am a typical 24 yr old even though my birth certificate declares another 10 years on top!

  3. haha made me laugh, love it!

  4. OMG!!!! I can't believe we have so much in common lol ;0) . This blog is great, gave me a much needed giggle. :0)

  5. As a 23 year old mum of two (and ex-hardcore party animal), i wholeheartedly adore this post :D very well written and funny! Oh, how times change