Monday, June 21, 2010

Little FATSO!

So, OK, we went to the doctors today and Butterfly got her 12 month health check. Why do I even bother with those, I have no concerns about her development?

Our GP is a nice enough lady, but she ALWAYS tells us B is so FAT! Has been since she was 12 weeks old, apparently. Is getting a bit old. You should have seen the filthy look B gave her the last time she said it, was GOLD!

This visit was something else, though. I laughed off the first two FAT comments, but when she was examining B with her nappy off, she said, "Oh, look at those rolls! You're so FAT aren't you?" When exactly is she going to quit with that? The kicker is, as far as babies go, B isn't fat. She is a real chubba, I'm not blind, but surely a GP has seen kids much bigger? She says it as though nothing amuses her more than to see my babies chubby ass stroll into her office.

"Is she walking yet?"

"No, she can pull herself up and stroll along the furniture though"

"Oh, so she's just timid"

Um, NO, she's normal. She isn't sitting on the ground whimpering too scared to walk...

"Can you put her down so I can see?"

B sits there bewildered at being plonked on the floor... she didn't get the memo about having to immediately pull herself up and stroll along the furniture...

"Oh, look at her, she's so LAZY!"

Hey, EFF YOU lady! She isn't a performing Monkey!

"How long does she sleep at night"

"12 to 13 hours"


"But she still wakes around every hour"

"Thats not good. You'll have to do something about that. How do you get any sleep?"

"Well we cosleep so all I have to do is roll over and give her milk. Hubby usually sleeps in the spare room"

*Laughs* "How do you expect to make another baby then!"

"You don't make babies in your SLEEP"

She's laughing so hard, I don't think she even heard me.

"Well you will have to make sure her sleeping is better before you have another one. Be careful, babies can be manipulative"

SIGH. Theres the clincher. She sounds like a baby trainer. MANIPULATIVE. Because she wakes at night and wants her Mumma? You know, maybe she is right... I bet tiny, ONE year old Butterfly purposely wakes up, calls for me (stifling giggles) and makes me feed her JUST to annoy me.

So wanting milk during the day is normal. At night, she's just misbehaving by wanting it?


I leave you with a photo of my FAT, TIMID, LAZY baby.


  1. This makes me LIVID. I'm passing this on, there are so many doctors like this, I just lie.

  2. Time for a new doctor for sure!!

  3. Holy schmoly these docs are EVERYWHERE!!
    Sad though, huh?
    Your comback is GOLD!!!!
    "You don't make babies in your SLEEP!"
    As a fellow co-sleeper, this has gota go in the memory bank for future use!! ;)

  4. And who ever said you "have to" have another one? Huh? Why do docs think they can tell you you should have another, or that you should be done having kids?!?!?!?!?!

  5. You sound like you are happy with how your gorgeous girl is going and she is just beautiful!

  6. I'd be writing a formal letter of complaint against this harpie. She is obviously from the dark ages and insane.
    Insulting your patients is not acceptable.
    And no way is B fat. She is chunky and lovely to cuddle!
    That 'dr' can go bite a big one.