Friday, June 18, 2010

The boys in BLUE

OK so a good friend of ours is a police man who retired this week. He emailed us a great poem I thought I'd share...

I'm Just Like You
"I have been where you fear to be
I have seen what you fear to see
I have done what you fear to do
All these things I have done for you.

I am one you lean upon
The one you cast your scorn upon
The one you bring your troubles to
All these things I have been for you

The one you ask to stand apart
The one you feel should have no heart
The one you call the "man in blue"
But I am a person, just like you

And through the years
I have come to see
That I am not what you ask of me
So take this badge, take this gun
Will you take it? - Will anyone?

And when you watch a person die
And hear a battered baby cry
Then do you think that you can be
All these things you ask of me?"

I love the police. They do the best they can with the resources they are given... and they aren't given many. I hear all the time, "my house was broken into and it took TWO days for the forensic guys to show up." Well I'm not surprised. Your house got broken into, I know that devastates you, but someone was raped, stabbed or murdered in your area, mind if they are attended to first? Not to mention the other 5000 houses that were broken into.

If I say I'm pro police, I inevitibly get told the SAME story... "I got a speeding ticket and the cop was a jerk!", well, you know what? He might have spent the morning telling someone their loved one had died. Or been spat on the night before. Or attended a horrific road accident. So forgive him for not wanting to hear your excuses for speeding. He's heard them all before. Nor does he want to hear that he is wasting his time giving you a fine when there are murderers on the loose. YAWN. ALL laws need to be enforced. If we let people speed then the road toll would be astronomical. I will let you in on a trade secret, a fail proof way to get out of speeding tickets... ready... DON'T SPEED! Now, don't go telling everyone...

Please don't comment with anti police shite. I don't want to hear it. I know not all coppers are good people, coz they are people. No occupation has a "100% No Douchebags" guarantee. But until you have seen a grown man reduced to tears because he spent the night holding the hand of a young man whose insides were outside... and was still ALIVE... you don't know what they go through in that uniform.

So if you DO get caught speeding, be nice to the policeman. He's working to protect you. Long hours. Attending horrific scenes. Working Christmas Day. MOST years.

End rant.


  1. bravo!
    I have a TONNE of respect for the police men and women. I hear and agree with everything you are saying.
    what was that add that was on a couple of years ago about the police, it was shot like a doco from their point of view? I wanted to tape it, it was SO moving I cried every time it came on and its making me teary just thinking of it. it was an awesome reality check!
    careers like that are a calling, not everyone can do the job well and not everyone can even attempt to do it at all!

  2. agree 100%, i despise when people get angry with the cops for speeding tickets. you know the speed, you know not to speed, if you get a ticket its your fault. they do a great job. another thing i dont like is when parents are trying to get their kids to behave and tell them that "that police man over there will get you if you be naughty" i see it all the time and its so sad to teach children that cops are bad people and to be scared of them, they should be taught that police are safe people to turn to if you are in trouble.