Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too too busy

Mannnn I feel so frazzled right now! Sooo much to do before Butterfly's birthday party, there is a lot to be said for having it in a park... getting my house up to visitor standard is no walk in the park!

I FINALLY finished my sewing project: party favours for the babies. Hours and hours and hours I have spent on it, and some of them aren't up to scratch in my opinion. But overall I am pretty proud of my attempt considering I haven't sewed since I was 13! I can't show you pictures yet or it will ruin the surprise for the party guests...

In other news my husbands new "Hog" has arrived!! We decided to save money and the environment by selling one of our cars, as he works pretty close to home. So he bought a little second hand scooter, it can't go on the highway or nuttin (its no Harley!) but it'll do him. He likes to walk in the house randomly with his massive helmet on to make me laugh...
Butterfly seems to like the new scooter...

I first brought bub out to have a look at it yesterday, and said (because she's big into noises), "This one goes ROOOOOOM ROOOOOOM ROOOOOOOOOM!!"... my husband cracked up laughing and said, "You haven't heard it yet, have you? It actually sounds more like a lawn mower!" ... and it does! So yes, this is NOT a motorbike by any standards. But for a scooter its pretty cool. Her name is Sascha (the Scrubs fans will get me). All she needs is a little bell and some handlebar tassles...


  1. awww how cool......

    I have my party to plan yet for my 1 year old & 13 year old.... but we are moving house too so i'm a little stressed...

    love the scooter :) great idea :)

    and love butterfly.... she is cute

  2. Hands up who wants a ride first!!! Think Butterfly wins lol

  3. wow 1 and 13!! Good luck with that one Bron!

    Kate... too bad this isn't a caption comp! Would have been a good one :)

  4. that is such an awesome photo of your hubby and joss. make sure you post a photo of the party favours!