Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Today my baby girl turned ONE!! I would say its gone fast, but thats not entirely true. I'd say the fist six weeks took aaaaages, the first six months took forever, but the last six months seem to have happened over night! Strange.

I'm not sad to be losing my "baby". I am so proud of every milestone she reaches, and every day she is more aware, and more of her personality shines through. Joss is a real joker, she loves to laugh and to make us laugh! She is also very musical, she LOVES to dance, "sing" (silently) and clap her hands! One of her favourite games is to hand me the sheep puzzle piece, I say, "Baaa", she says, "Baaa" then claps her hands... so we clap our hands... then she throws her hands in the air, and we copy her and say, "Yaaaaaay!!!". Is hysterical to a one year old!

Her other favourite games are...

Running away in Daddas arms while Mumma chases saying, "Raaaaaar!!"
Picking up a giant long piece of tubing and trying to make the cats play with it
Throwing remote controls off the couch, while Mumma says, "UH OH!!"
Galloping along on Mummas chest at the shops while Mumma makes clip clop noises!
Pulling all of the cards out of Mummas wallet and handing them to her
Putting her sleeping bag on her head
Sitting on the big soft chair in her room and pointing at every single soft toy she has, and making Mumma put them on the chair with her (by the time I'm finished, she can't be seen!)

She really is a joy and a treasure, and I am one lucky Mumma!

Here are some photos of today, I'm off to bed after working hard to get the house tidy for her party!

Happy First Birthday!
Just a few presents...
Reading the card
Cuddles for her new Foofa doll!!
This, by the way, is why I bought it for her, she was so cute cuddling her in the shop! She is good, though, when I ask her to put something back on the shelf and wave good bye she does

Wooaahh so many cool presents!

Happy Birthday Jocelyn!!
My life changed the day you were born
I have never been happier!
Thank you for choosing me to be your Mumma
I promise to love you always, just as you are


  1. thats beautiful :)
    u seem to put into words what i am thinking about my children lol
    the older they get the more fun!the more funnier they get my 3yr old cracks us up so much!he rings up his dad the other week and sez "daddy can u please get me a credit card" :) the past 3 yrs hv gone oh so quick!esp between his 2nd and 3rd bday!!
    my daughter is almost 8months and it has been the quickest 8months of my life she has grown up way too quick but i hv enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to every second :)

  2. <3
    sweetness. love the pics!
    the year from 1-2 goes so much faster and then every year after becomes a blur!
    enjoy every moment of her babyhood before the toddling starts :)

  3. awwww that's gorgeous :)

    thank you for sharing :) and happy birthday butterfly :)