Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You've changed, ohhhh, for the better...

I LOVE my daughter!

She is at such a beautiful age... OK, so I say that at every age... but she IS!! She has recently begun to enjoy the company of other babies, she interacts with them now instead of just tolerating their presence. Here she is with her little friend, F, whose blonde hair is a source of endless amusement...

Little F, bless her, sat down and let me know she wanted Butterfly to sit next to her... then went and got a book for them to read! Naww... Butterfly patted her face a lot (as she does) and stroked her hair. Then, without prompting, the pair of them shared the biggest cuddle!! Arms wrapped right around one another, and they held on for a good ten seconds... we all went, "Awwww!" and wished we had the cameras out! It was beyond adorable. I get the feeling Butterfly wants to walk more when she has been around older babies, she really studies the things they do. I might have to get her out more often.

That afternoon I sat Butterfly down in her highchair so we could share a banana. I asked her if she would like me to put Sia on (she LOVES music, especially the new Sia album!), she nodded and said "Dah", so I put it in and cranked it up. She immediately put her arms out to me, and made really urgent noises. She looked worried. I thought I must have put it on too loud or something, and picked her up.

Um, NO, she wasn't worried, she wanted OUT of her highchair so she could DANCE!! As soon as I picked her up she started laughing and kicking her legs! So I danced her around the living room while she squealed and laughed (and danced)... I must have lost 10 kgs! Phew! It was one of those heart melting things you wish someone else was around to see. She absolutely loves Sia's latest album, especially "You've Changed" and "Clap your hands". Its really upbeat, perfect for a little groover to dance to! Click here for Sia's single, "You've Changed"

Butterfly has also learned to sign "cat" and "bird", even if she only gets the signs approximately right, we know what she means! Oh, and the SINGING!! It is so cute to hear her sing, especially since she can't talk. Parenthood is great!

In other exciting news, Lawrence arrived today from Clothes Lime! Here he is... I luff him!

I was a little confused by the whole transaction, he was $1.92 on sale and his size said "small". So I didn't get my hopes up, I figured he was, like, keyring size!! Surely he had to be, to be so CHEAP? And when I payed, paypal said my transaction had been cancelled... but he disappeared from the website... so I wasn't even totally sure I had bought him!!

So I was ECSTATIC this morning when he arrived! And he isn't keyring size, he's perfect cuddle size! Not exactly small... around 30cm I'd guestimate. I am so in love, he is so imperfect and retro and adorable. He is MY teddy, even if Butterfly doesn't end up liking him!

Another great adventure buying from a WAHM...


  1. Awww Lawrence... so exciting to see you in your new home! So much nicer than fighting for prime spot amongst LIMES other knitted friends ;-} Now you have your own fam-damily!

    {Thanks so much for sharing! No idea what the go was re: paypal... the transaction appeared smooth from this end! Will look into... Thanks again for your support of LIME - Katrina}

  2. No worries Katrina! And don't worry too much about paypal, I am assuming I hit the pay button twice and the message was regarding the second time? Ah well, he got here safe and sound, thats all that matters! Hey, do you reckon you could put approx sizes under the toys? Small confused me, then again I am extremely SPESHAL...

  3. Ohhh Katrina is from LIME! I forget where everyone is from! *heads over to have a looky* Lawrence looks adorable!