Saturday, June 12, 2010


This must have been the most planned birthday EVERRR! Man I'm tired... SUCH a busy day!! We all had a great time, Butterfly was so happy, content and confident considering the number of people around! She had a good ol' dance to the jukebox, I was thinking she was going to get stage fright!

All of the other mothers dressed their little ones up for the "Rock Chick" theme, they all looked ADORABLE!! Sausage boy ended up winning best dressed, he came with a rock outfit, stars on his face and he matched his Sausage date perfectly!! Kudos on the matching foot attire Sausage Mama... the prize was a BPA fre boon duckie (Slim)! It was a hard contest to judge!

All of the bubbas had a good boogie! I love watching babies dance, so uninhibited! Best dancer went to little Imogen, who entertained us with the chicken dance! Dude, an 18 month old doing the chicken dance is too adorable!! This was especially hard to pick, as there were some rad moves going around! Little Pheonix was getting dowwwwwwn! Imogen won herself some black babylegs with white stars, perfect for rock chicks!

I am so tired I don't think I will be able to get off the couch and actually go to bed... so here are some photos to help tell the story of the day!

The beginning of the decorating... I hung up Butterfly's baby clothes from when she was newborn (all in the colour theme!)... is a cheap way to decorate!!

Butterfly's birthday book for people to sign instead of cards... I am SO glad we did this, we got such lovely messages! Also notice the bowl of coloured chocolate lindt balls to entice people to the book!!

More cheap and meaningful decorations... clothes, toys, nappies (teehee), socks and my favourite mumma daughter photo!

The party favours... handmade guitar rattles!! One for each rock baby in attendance

Balloons, Balloons, Ballooooons!

My beautiful party girl!!

Errm... yeah... Sausage boy, the best dressed! Here he is wearing gluten free chocolate cupcakes!

The cupcakes!!! My friend Alethea made these as Butterfly's present!! The turned out FANTASTIC!! And tasted good too :)

All of the Mummas and Bubbas!

Mmm cupcakes!

Our food theme was mexican... chilli con carne (easy on the chilli), guacamole, layered bean dip, salsa, corn fritters, nachos, and fruit platter for the littlies!!

Butterfly hangin out by the jukebox!! My parents won us this jukebox in a pub raffle!!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Butterfly and Footprint Dadda!

The most beautiful baby in the Universe!!
I love you Butterfly
Butterfly recieved some very lovely presents as well! All of them were great, but I especially loved the handmade ones... talented Nerissa made her TWO amazing dresses!! They are too cute for words, can't wait for her to wear them! Extra talented Megan made her a butterfly toy (I KNOWW!!! Cool hey!) and matching canvas. Rhiannon got her a strawberry plant in a pot (so eco and delicious, I LOVE it!!). The Sausages got her the most ADORABLE retro red and white striped swim suit! Sausage Mama just GETS me. Its the COOLEST!! Remind me to upload photos of these... but my camera is, like, over there, and the presents are over THERE.
Oh, and I also got some great organic bath products!!! Weeeeeeeeeee! Thanks Kylee :)
What a great day. I am stuffed. I had left over chilli con carne and cupcakes for dinner... uuuuurrrrgggh so full!
I don't think I've blogged her party justice, but it'll do for now :)
Goodnight zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Awesome party, love the guitar rattles you made!
    My tot turns two next week, with a car theme party, planning to make little car rattles for his mates...better get to work, leaving everything to the last minute!! Woops ;)
    Look forward to pics of Butterflys presents. Oh, what did she get from her parents?

  2. fantastic party :)

    wow :)

    i have a joint b'day party coming up for my 1st and last born sons :).... the rattles would be cool for my 1 yr old :)

  3. It was hands down, the best baby party I've ever been to. I'm hiring Butterfly's mama to help with SB's party, which after today, will not just be a 'rock up at the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary' event.

  4. Very cool party...I love the theme! The rattles are really funky, good work!!!

  5. thanks everybody!! If you are all rully rully nice I will give away a guitar rattle or two for a random act of karma... I did have some spares but they are gone, so i'll have to get sewing!
    Rainbow JenJen, we got her some custom nappies, wooden blocks, little ride on car, some books, DVDs and BPA free Boon bath products! Probably a little too much for one bubba... I'd love to see photos of the car rattles if you make them!!