Saturday, August 14, 2010

The simple things...

Well! My little footprint family and I had a great day today!! We woke early(ish) and headed on down to the Ormeau fair... it was pretty good! I think it will be better for us next year, when Butterfly is old enough for face painting and rides!! They were a bit beyond her this year.

She did enjoy the animal farm!! This pesky goat kept trying to eat my hair and Butterfly's pants... I much preferred the calm sheep.

Butterfly tried to hug the animals!! She was most intrigued by the fluffy chicken and the Llama. There was a baby calf, which had runny poo running all down its legs, it wasn't a good look. When I mentioned it to my hubby he said, "Oh, thats probably because they are feeding it some crap formula instead of letting it be with its Mother!" I had to laugh, I didn't realise how much my pro-breastfeeding talk had influenced him...

I came across this cute stall of wooden toys, and got Butterfly this wooden shape sorter for $19.95!! I was stoked, I'd been looking for a good one, and this is a good one! I also spent a lot of time at the Bella Bumz stall talking to Rebecca, who had her precious baby asleep on her chest. Cluck cluck cluck!! I was impressed with her cloth nappies, I can't wait to try one! I have also ordered some cloth menstrual pads through her, I'm looking forward to getting them. Rebecca is super friendly and talented, you can have a squiz at her site here.

Butterfly's Dadda enjoyed the fair too, he bought this Penrith Panthers hat for $5 (modelled beautifully here by Butterfly) plus some other Panthers stuff, and dragged me (briefly, thank GAWD) through the old cars they were showing. All in all was a great morning and we will go back next year!

This arvo we went on an adventure to Ikea with Butterfly's grandparents. Which is always a bonus, as her Nanna can't resist buying her anything she shows an interest in!! As a result we came home with a tent and a tunnel courtesy of Nanna, and I bought her a cane chair, some soft fruit/veges/breakfast sets to go with her wooden kitchen she's getting for Christmas... and some random bits n peices (like a dishwashing brush, to do away with disposable scourers, ya know??) Butterfly has such a blast at Ikea, I must remember that when we are stuck for something to do on rainy days! I don't know if they approve of me sticking her in large bins full of sheepskin for funsies... but until the mention it, I'ma keep doing it!

To cap off a great day, I made Mars Bar Slice this evening, with Butterfly hanging around my ankles crying "Ta...Ta... Taaaaa!": her way of saying, Mumma I want some of that... GIMME! So when I was done we sat down on the kitchen floor together to lick the bowl! She really applied herself to the job, and as a result we both ended up having a second shower before bed... her Dadda shook his head at us, but life's all about the simple pleasures, am I right??