Sunday, August 1, 2010

I do LOVE a bargain!!

Last week was shite... food poisoning followed by a bad cold for Butterfly and I... we were stuck in the house all week! BORING! Plus I tend to get depressed if I don't see enough sunshine, vitamin D etc etc...

So yesterday we went to the Butterfly Tree Markets in search of amusement and/or wooden toys. We had a great time, there were SO many adorable clothes stalls, I could easily have spent a fortune! I was also tempted by some aromaplay clay, but thought better of it since Butterfly is still a bit young for it and thats something I want to buy fresh. What I DID buy is an adorable CD called "Homespun" by Nadia Sunde... its kind of like a kids CD, but not REALLY annoying!! She sings about the rain, going fishing, having a picnic etc, stuff that appeals to kids, but its good music!! I had to buy it, as she was right next to Hollie's Bumcheeks stall and we were there for a while... the music really grew on me. And Butterfly liked it to!

Didn't find many wooden toys, so from there we headed to the Carrara markets... walked around for an HOUR and didn't find ANYTHING!! On the way back to the car I found a little shop selling wooden toys, almost right next to the car!! Man, if I'd have walked left instead of right when I got there I would have saved myself a LOT of time! Anyway I got Butterfly this little wooden block truck and also wooden racing car thing I've tucked away for Christmas.

Still not satisfied with my purchases, Butterfly and I went shopping again today! Wasn't really planning on spending money, just for a look... but I found THE best bargain!! I have wanted Anamalz for a while now (if you thought Schleich was cool, Anamalz are the BEES KNEES of eco animal toys!), they retail for around $9.95 most places. So I went into the Early Learning Store... and found them for $4 each!!! O.M.G.!!!! Apparently some were even $2 but were sold out :O. So I bought one of each of the animals left (except the emu and panda, they didn't fit in with my farmyard crew... don't ask me to justify why the brown bear is a farmyard animal). So for the price of THREE I got EIGHT!! Are you not as excited as me? Maybe coz you haven't seen and felt these critters fo yoself!

From top left... goat, bull, camel, horse, llama,
In the front: donkey (SHREK! I'm lookin' down!), black ram and brown bear!

We enjoyed the rest of the morning in Borders, I bought Butterfly an Igglepiggle book and we sat down to share an iced chocolate (she likes to have a bit of the cream on top). I always love going out with Butterfly, she's great company! I get some strange stares from people because I like to entertain her, and I talk to her like she's a person (SHOCK: thats because she IS a person!). If Butterfly wants to play silly buggers in her carrier I'll play along. If I read her a book in a store I'm going to do the voices. If she wants to crawl back and forth at the petstore signing "puppy dog" and "puppy dog sleeping" I will share in her joy (FYI hardnosed petshop attendant: this is ADORABLE, not for you to scrunch your nose at).

On the way out I let Butterfly have a crawl around the little playground, and met a delighful three year old called Ella. She was smitten with Butterfly, kept stroking her hair (awww). She asked me if Butterfly had a peepee (I assume she meant penis??) so I said No. She agreed, said "boys have peepees. Do you have a boy baby at home?" I told her no. She surprised me by telling me Butterfly didn't like boys (which is totally TRUE, even the granddads can't get near her!). Maybe she just said that because she doesn't like boys. Or maybe she picked up on Butterfly' body language when a boy sat next to her? Whatever it was cute.

Ella talked to me for a good ten minutes, and held one of Butterfly's hands (and I the other) while she went down the slide. She was such a sweet little thing, and Butterfly liked her, waving bye bye as we walked away...

Twas a great morning, gave me the pick me up I needed!

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