Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My little fishie...

YAY!!! My very first Miessence order (well not technically my first, just the first exciting one!) arrived yesterday!

I tried to keep it to things I REALLY needed, so I still have stuff to order next month, and this is what I reduced it to! Oh, and that's Lavender standing guard over the new booty...
  • Baby cream wash (smells sooooo good!)
  • Foaming hand wash and concentrate: the concentrate fills 10 bottles and the foam is SO luxurious! One pump is ample, so should last AGES! Which is a good thing, coz I am so in love with this product! I wasn't all that excited about getting handwash, but when I got it I nearly went nuts! It is the prettiest smelling thing EVER!! Like barley sugar lollies! In fact I think I have to go get some barley sugars for my fix instead of washing my hands every two minutes...
  • Reflect Outdoor balm, as Butterfly and I spend a lot of time at the park with friends and I needed a good sunblock for her precious head! Haven't tested that one yet.
  • Jaffa lip balm... ORGASMIC!
  • Ancient Spice Roll on deodorant for Mr Footprint, he mowed the lawn today wearing it and didn't stink, so its a winner! (this one isn't pictured, hubby ran off with it as soon as the order came)
  • And one each of the two flavours of exfoliating cleansing bars. They come in these great natural sock things that exfoliates while you wash... I've only tried the tea tree one but its great!
Ohhh I can't wait for my next order already! It is so satisfying to finally replace the last of the supermarket toxic junk with natural alternatives... I was so smug yesterday as I took the Banana Boat Sunscreen down from the shelf and removed the yucky yellow soap from the shower! Now, don't have a coronary eco warriors, the sunscreen was almost empty and the soap will be kept for emergencies and the laundry, I shan't be wasteful!
In other news Butterfly went up to the toddler class at swimming today! Just after I got used to the new baby program... but she did SO well! I think she really liked the activities, as they are more designed for her age level... she isn't stuck doing the same program as the four month olds anymore. The other Mummas were shocked when I asked her to climb in safely and she promptly turned around and slid in, their two and three year olds weren't cooperating. Butterfly does that every day off the couch and bed!
Every lesson Butterfly gets jack of it half way through and signs for milk... and gets most upset when I tell her she can't have milk now, but soon. She's not used to waiting! She's not hungry though, its just her "go to" sign when she's out of her comfort zone.
Anyways I am one proud Mumma of one little fishie!
Man I just washed my hands again and they smell delicious! YUUUUM!
Oh, and don't forget, there are still TWO Jaffa Lip Balms left from my offer! So the next two orders from my website (for new customers) gets a FREE Jaffa lip balm!

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