Monday, November 1, 2010

Butterfly's new dolly!

The doll that I won at The Natural Newborn's facebook garage sale arrived!!

She is a Keptin Jr BPA free, organic cotton doll! Here is the blurb from the website:

"Keptin-Jr are a Dutch-based company specialising in making toys from natural materials. These darling baby dolls are made from BPA & phthalate-free vinyl with an organic cotton torso and clothing. They are stuffed with a special biodegradable fibre derived from corn, not petroleum. Comes in a natural woven moses basket with their own organic cotton toy. The Keptin-Jr Tiny Dolls collection has been designed particularly for toddlers and are lightly scented of vanilla. Machine-washable. 33cm"

Butterfly thinks her Abbey is AMAZING!

I hadn't gotten Butterfly a dolly until now, because I was looking for something non toxic... girls get so attached to their dolls, so I didn't want her hugging, kissing, sleeping with something made from BPA (for more information on the dreaded BPA click here).
These dolls are just SO perfect! They are a great size, simple design, and they actually SMELL pretty! I laughed at Jo when she said she kept opening them to sniff them, but now I can see why!

Non toxic LOVE

If you are in the market for a doll for your little one for Christmas, consider a non toxic one from The Natural Newborn... its a small investment for your daughters future (and fun!) Its also great to support one of our own from The Smallest Carbon Footprint community :)

Thanks again Jo, I love your GUTS!

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