Thursday, May 6, 2010

stop... pause... REWIND

At a catch up between some like minded Mums, a friend of mine came out with a corker. When she had told a friend she was breasfeeding, her friend was baffled as to why she wasn't using formula... "Don't you embrace progress?" she asked...

Say WHAT???

Our society has come to a point, I feel, where we have meddled in things that ought not to be meddled in! Just because we have formula, doesn't mean we should all use it. Of course it is necessary for those who can't breastfeed, and can make life "easier" (although thats debateable), and allows women to return to the workforce. But shit, my body makes it for FREE, so I am not interested...

Anyway this isn't a "benefits of breastfeeding" blog, I think we all know em!

As a parent, I find myself going back to the past more and more. We have all these wonderful technological advances that are supposed to make life easier. However newer isn't always BETTER.

Think nappies...

YAY!! Disposables were invented! No more washing, folding, ironing terry squares... just chuck em in the bin and move on!

STOP!!!! That is HORRIBLE for the environment, would feel like crap against a smooth little bottom, and is made from Gosh knows what toxic junk.

REWIND... MCN rocks! Easy to use and damn cute!

Think toys...

YAY!! Look at these wonderful new colourful plastic toys, so easy to clean!

STOP!!!!! They are made from awful chemicals that leach out and have harmful effects on your littlie

REWIND... how cool are wooden toys! Butterfly loves blocks, and wooden trains and cars are so fun and retro! Or just give her a cardboard box full of tupperware...

Think food...

YAY!! Microwaves and food processors make feeding infants so much EASIER!

STOP!!! Allowing your child to eat solid foods (SOLID, not pureed) is much more beneficial than cramming them full of mush

REWIND.... introducing baby led weaning! Nothing new to most cultures... just let your baby help themselves from your plate when they are ready.

Think cleaning

YAY!! Look at these awesome products in pretty bottles, just spritz them on and they kill 99.9% of germs!

STOP!!! Those products are a) bad for the environment b) toxic to us and c) it is harmful to kill ALL the germs in your house!

REWIND... where is my bicarb and vinegar again??

Think medicine

YAY!! Antibiotics are invented and save lives! Let's use them to cure EVERY illness!

STOP!!!! Overuse of antibiotics is leading to drug resistant SUPER BUGS!

REWIND... hop in bed, have a cup of tea and see how you go for a few days before demanding antibiotics for a VIRUS (antibiotics interfere with the life cycle of bacteria and are powerless against viruses!!)

Think sleeping...

YAY!! Cots are invented! Put that kid in its own room, got to get more sleep that way, right?

STOP!!!! Cosleeping benefits parents and babies! Helps establish breastfeeding! In countries where it is the norm, SIDS is so rare they don't even have a name for it. More benefits here

REWIND... sleep here next to Mumma, darling, I will hold you and feed you through the night. If you are sick I can keep an eye on you. I can hear you breathing next to me, I don't have to go into your bedroom at night worried about your safety.

Think prams...

YAY!! Prams make life SO much easier! Just strap your baby in and push them around to your hearts content

STOP!!!! Baby wearing has too many benefits for me to name... click here!

REWIND... I heart my YAMO, Butterfly never grizzles at the shops anymore, and she laughs like a maniac when I jolt her around like I am a horsey! Clip clop clip clop

Think Childbirth

YAY!! We can labour in hospital with medical equipment to assist or help if things go wrong, and they have DRUGS!!

STOP!!!! STOP STOP STOP!!!!!!! Birthing in hospital often leads to unnecessary intervention, induction, assisted deliveries, hasty caesareans! In countries where homebirth is the norm, the infant mortality rate is going down, but in the USA where C section rates are on the rise, infant mortality is going UP!!! There is something wrong with that picture...

REWIND... birth at HOME! In your own space, at your own pace. A midwife can attend with oxygen and drugs in case you haemorrhage. She will have equipment to monitor the baby. Your baby will be born unmedicated, and you will be too. Better bonding and breastfeeding! As nature intended. Oh shit, now you've got me started. OK I will refrain from my essay ;)

I could go on and on. Baby bath products (BOOOOO!). Video games instead of imagination (BOOOOOOO!!). Processed foods. Artificial colours. Preservatives (BOOOO!! BOOOOOO!!!BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!). The closer we get to nature the better off we will all be. Sometimes I feel like selling up, buying a few hectares in the bush and moving there with all of my hippy friends! We can grow our own food, sew our own clothes and breastfeed our toddlers to our hearts content! Who is with me?


  1. ooh i am so with you, that is seriously my dream, so live a self sustaining life on a farm, and yes i get lots of weird looks when i say that hehe!
    I was talking to my nana today about childbirth in her time. She was so scared having her babies in a hospital cuz everyone she knew would come out complaining, that she had both her babies at home. Drug free... just in a happy home environment.. nothing wrong with that!! :)

  2. i will come with you.