Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Chemical Free Home

Seriously some nights I go to bed and can't sleep, as blog ideas run through my head! I mentally write them while I toss and turn, wasting precious sleeping time. So I thought I'd spend tonight getting them down... only, I can't remember what any of them were! I mean, sure, if I brush my teeth and go to bed I'll remember, but then I'm back to square one.

Seriously, I need to cut down on my use of the exclamation mark. Sometimes I read past blogs and it seems I have lost the full stop. It cheapens the sentences that really need it! LOL

Ohhh thats right! I was going to list out the changes I have made towards a chemical free household. I thought going chemical free would be a total pain, but it has been so gradual that it hardly feels like anything has changed!

So here goes...

Deodorant: Body Crystal stick from Coles. Supposed to last 12 months... SCORE! It really does seem to work, too. I can usually smell myself when I really reek, and that hasn't happened for ages! I also find that I stink less when I forget to put it on (like, compared to when I forgot to put on my old deodorant). Not sure why that is, maybe it lasts longer?? Whatever I"m loving it!

Toothpaste: FAIL. Still using Aldi brand. Remind me to get onto that.

Moisturiser: Billy Goat Soap Moisturiser (AWESOME!!!!)

Soap: Billy Goat Soap

Baby bath: Moogoo, although it contains Phenoxethanol so will change to Billy Baby Body Wash when it runs out.

Nappy Rash Cream: Natures Child Bottom Balm

Sunscreen: FAIL. Still Banana Boat. Will change to Wotnot sunscreen in Summer.

Shampoo and Conditioner: Miessence ... mmm smells good!

Hand Soap: FAIL. Aldi brand. Any ideas? Hopefully not expensive ones??

Washing: Wild Soapnuts. I heart these little berries! Do yourself a favour and use them. Just do it. You'll save a buttload in washing powder costs!

Disinfectant: White Vinegar, although I am guilty of the occasional spritz of Pine-O-Clean on Butterfly's high chair. Will kick that habit when the bottle runs out.

Toilet Cleaner: White Vinegar

Floor Cleaner (mopping): White Vinegar

Dishwashing liquid: Earth's Choice Dishwashing liquid. I don't use much of this because we have a dishwasher...

Dishwasher Powder: Eco Store... seriously, this 1kg bottle will last you AGES!! I was beggining to think it was a magic bottle that never ran out, but, alas, probably 6 months of use finally finished it off! Again, save yourself some serious cash!

Oven and Hot Plates: White Vinegar and Bicarb

Shower and Bath: White Vinegar and Bicarb

Hubby's Shaving Cream and Deodorant: Still the usual toxic crap. He seems to think I'm a fruitloop... I'll change these eventually, baby steps for the skeptic!

Ridding yourself from the nasties in commercial body and cleaning products seems a mammoth task. Its not. Don't focus on changing everything at once, just research one thing at a time. Some things will cost you more money. My Miessence Shampoo almost gives me a heart attack every time I have to pay for it! But as you can see, good ol' vinegar has replaced most of my cleaning products, so I save a bundle there. I'd say I am still saving money, even though some things are pretty exy. I'll go back now, and colour the things GREEN if they save me money, RED if they are more expensive. K?

It it worth doing. I never used to worry about the things I put on my body, but the ingredients in everyday products are DISGUSTING!! Cancer causing, hormone disrupting, artificial junk. There has to be a reason Prostate Cancer is on the rise? A reason every second child has ADHD? I'm going to be on the safe side... I mean, how can you go wrong with natural ingredients? And they smell so purrrrdy...

What are your favourite natural products? Feel free to guest blog if your home is totally chemical free!


  1. My DF is the same, he was asking why I was changing everything over lol

    For hand soap, I just went back to a good old soap bar. Picked up some larger guest size ones that I know what is in.
    I could not find one pump soap without junk in it! You could use castille soap, I have a pump bottle of that, but its kinda watery and shoots out fast and my kids have issues with that!

    I am using the MooGoo products, I have 2 kids with eczema here.
    Billie Goat was without phenoxyethanol but it had betaine or something else I didn't like either, so its one or the other, I've gone with that for now. I figure its better than what I had been rubbing us down with for years :/

    You better get on that sunscreen if you use it. Is it full of parabens? I've never used sunscreen myself and rarely put it on my kids.
    If the sun is a problem,cover with clothes but I think a little sun is good, but I'm old school like that!

  2. I've started making my own body products...way cheaper and then you REALLY know what is going into them. Just this week we made orange and honey lip balm that is just gorgeous :) Home made bath bombs for the kids baths, face oil for myself. It is fun, cheap and completely chemical free. I bought the book Organic Body Care Recipes from and it is awesome.