Monday, May 10, 2010

OP shopping, across the universe...

I went to the opshop again today, I'd say I check it out once a week! I was actually after winter clothes for Butterfly but it seems too many before me had the same idea...

We didn't come away empty handed though! We bought Butterfly some toys, I don't buy her toys often and they had some great stuff! We got all of this for $15...

She got a puppy dog xylophone (for her musical interests), a cash register, a pull along caterpillar for her balls, a pop up toy (I have been going to the opshop for weeks looking for a working one!!) and a little bag that had spades and a watering can! She sure got spoilt!

Puppy Dog Xylophone is a hit!

The camera is still a favourite toy...

Kisses for Puppy!!

I used to think op shops were for poor people... Now I LOVE them, they are a goldmine! I was there last week and a woman came up to me and showed me a toy she found, it was brand new with instructions that retails for $50 in the stores! She was stoked, her daughter wanted one. She got it for $5! I find most toys are $2 to $5, and of course there are variations in quality but if you are patient and swing by once a week, you can find some gems.

Last month we found this Ernie doll, Butterfly doesn't watch much sesame street but wouldn't leave it alone in the shop, so he came home. He remains one of her favourite toys!! He gets cuddles and kisses that make me jealous! Sausage Mama was kind enough to give her an old Burt of SB's to match, and she loves him just the same!! We actually have to hide them at dinner time or she points and cries out for them and won't eat!
When was the last time you hit the op shops? Why not have a look there next time you want to get your kids something, save yourself some $$$$ and save the environment some packaging!!!


  1. i op shop atleast once a week but have been told i shop they're to much as my son now has way way way to many clothes and we'll need a bigger house if i find anymore great toys to bring love love oppy's

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  3. (reposted; hopefully without errors lol)I live in opshops and have done so since i was a kid :) I learned about bargains and stretching my money since then and plus it is ecological :) I prefer op-shops (though at times I am fight the seduction of the bigger shops).

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