Monday, May 3, 2010

Mumma builded a fort!

The DANG shops were closed today! Butterfly and I had planned to while away the afternoon with some retail therapy. Ah well, we came home and built a fort instead! One of those activities kids love that parents hardly ever get around to doing. Even a 10.5 month old found it fun!

Doona cover + fitted sheet (we were folding washing when the inspiration hit) + two chairs
Wow Mumma its a little house!
Where's Butterfly?
I see you cheeky monkey!
I hide again for you Mumma...
This is so much fun!

Fort friends... the password is... booby milk!

Forts are great for reading your favourite book

I sneaking up on my Mumma... shhhh!

We had a great time! Will do it again... sometime... next time I wash the bedding!


  1. aww, that's awesome! Looks like you both had fun :D

  2. Love it!!

    I'm going to sin and make hubby pack the pool table away so we can have cubby building space!