Monday, May 24, 2010

Fluffy Mail Monday

Who says Mondays are bad?

Butterfly and I had a really good day today. We set off in the morning to meet the lovely Tia-Louise and her adorable bunch of kidlings! Butterfly stuck pretty close to me to begin with but chose to crawl around a bit at the end, so she must have felt at ease! She also liked Aria-Rose (who wanted me to "put her dowwwwwn" so she could play Mumma hen!), Butterfly stroked her face and hair while she was playing next to her. Nawwwww!

On the way home I popped in to see Jenny (of Vintage is Beautiful) to pick up a prize we had won a while back... and buy Butterfly a dolly that was named after her!! It is so cute, and Butterfly loves her already, check out the big cuddles!!! Poor Jenny, I turned up unannounced because I couldn't get through to her mobile... normally I wouldn't do that to someone but I was driving past her house! She was forgiving, and humoured me even though she was sick... thankyou JENNY!! She needent have apologised for her attire... if anyone knocked on my door at 10am they would probably find me in a singlet and a pair of granny undies!! My poor poor post lady, she's seen it all...

Here she is... Miss Jossie doll!

When I got home there was a message in the letterbox that my fluffy mail had arrived!! Woo!! It was my Bumcheeks order from their recent sale. I had ordered 5 pocket nappies, but because my order was unavoidably delayed, Hollie threw in a FREE organic bamboo nappy for me to try!! For some reason I thought they would all be white, but no, get a load of this gorgeous colour!!

I'll let you know how it is, it is currently drying after its prewash (yeah, I know I should do more prewashes but I'm too impatient!).

I left Butterfly with her Dad while I went to the post office and to pick up a few things from the shops. I feel so strange without her though. Sometimes I feel like I need a short break, but going shopping without her is lonely! I am so used to getting around with my best girl strapped to my chest that shopping without her is just not the same. With a baby, everyone smiles at you, shopkeepers engage you in conversation, and you always have someone to talk to. Without her, no one makes eye contact with me and the shopkeepers aren't interested in having a chat. Sometimes I smile at people, and it takes me a few seconds after they've ignored me for me to remember I don't have Butterfly with me... its just sad! We have a very cold society sometimes.

Oh, and because I have borderline OCD, I have to visually check that her carseat is empty every time I leave the car in case she is there. Even though I know she is at home. Once I even called my husband to make sure he had her... and the first time I left without her, seeing the empty seat wasn't enough, I had to open her door and physically touch it!! I'm not the only one this paranoid right?? RIGHT?

Anyway I skipped half the things I wanted to do to get home. When I stopped in the driveway my girl and my man came to greet me... and she was SO excited! She kicked her legs and smiled... and then SIGNED "Mumma" for the first time!!!! I was so proud of her, and it was too relevant to the situation to be a fluke. She has done it before when I've shown her how, but never on her own steam. Brings tears to my eyes. I love you bubba!!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day and I really must try some bumcheeks they look like they have some awesome colours. Also totally just as paranoid as you when I'm out without DD and I always forget something if not most of what I originally went out for. I don't know why I leave her at home to 'save time' and do a quick shopping trip honestly pointless lol.

  2. I hate going anywhere without my lil guy too. When he was real small we left him with mum a couple of times for less than an hour, it was easier on him than getting him in and out of a hot car, but it felt so wrong, I felt so naked and lost!
    Even now I take him everywhere with me, he doesn't stay with anyone.

    I can relate to that OCD. I'm sure I would be the same.

    How good is fluffy mail! Its fluffy mail week here too :)

  3. awww some beautiful moments ,,,, and pics to go with them :)

  4. It was so fun to meet you both yesterday. The little girls were very impressed with little buttefly lol. And well Alexander was to busy doing his own thing until he sniffed out the biscuits :0p Aria-Rose was asking "Why Baby go Mummy" for a while after you left lol. She loved her. Which I think was obvious from the kissing :0) I hope we can do it again really soon. Definetely once this littlest bub comes!!

    And I know exactly how you feel when you leave her. I am exactly the same, I even ring to double check that I really did leave them with who I left them with lol. It feels so unnatural to be without them lol.

  5. i do the double check thing when i am driving out of the garage i have this paranoia that i will drive over her. Even if i know she is asleep in bed or that anthony is holding her i am convinced she snuck out and got behind the car i have to walk around it twice and check underneath the car as well...
    u are not alone in your OCD