Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankyou for Breastfeeding!

Dear Butterfly,

Thankyou for drinking my milk. You have given me a HUGE range of benefits!

  • I haven't had my period in over 19 months... SCORE!

  • You provide me with a convenient excuse not to leave you with anyone else... saves me trying to explain that you are too young and attached to me to want to be babysat

  • I have never had to make up a bottle, or stress out if I have left your food or drink at home!

  • You have decreased my risk of breast cancer by up to 25%! Yippeeee!

  • Same goes for uterine and ovarian cancer, just keeps getting better hey?

  • I have a majorly decreased risk for osteoporosis... non-breastfeeding women have a FOUR TIMES higher chance of getting this one

  • By drinking my milk you have given me a better chance of avoiding post natal depression

  • Oh man, the WEIGHT LOSS!! I am officially skinnier now than before I got pregnant! HIGH FIVE!

  • You save me over a $1000 a year in formula costs... think of how many nappies that is?

  • You provided a convenient reason not to go back to work, my employers could not deny me extended leave when you are still exclusively breastfed! Teehee

  • Today I was sick for the first time, and it was AWESOME to be able to lie on the floor and feed you instead of getting up to fix you a bottle
Thankyou darling. I love you

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