Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hey Sis, Where the Bloody Hell are Ya?

Dear Vicci/Vic/Vuccay,

Why did you go away? South America is sooo far! I know you want to travel the world, but shit, I have needs too! I need to be able to call my sister when Joss learns a new trick. What if I need a hug? What then? Selfish is what you are...

Just kidding slagbag. I really do miss you. It has been hard not having you here for Butterfly's first Christmas, Easter, Birthday. I think of you every time I plan her party, I am so sad you can't be there. But I am so glad you are finally living your dream and seeing the world! It sounds like you are having the time of your life! There is so much time for you to settle down and have a family, it is good you are getting this out of your system now. Coz, like, we won't be letting you do this again!

So much has changed in my life since you left. Remember that parenting "book" I was always quoting? I've binned it. Now I do what feels right to me, and Joss is so much more relaxed. She was always happy, but now we are both more chilled out going with the flow. And I have made new friends! I owe my life (and Butterflys) to Sausage Mama, who gives me the confidence to be a "hippy" parent. Yeah, thats right, I met someone on the net and now we are real life friends! I have become one of THOSE people... You will love her little Sausage Boy too, he is beyond adorable! He is such a sweet, intelligent and loved little boy.

I am also looking into HBAC (home birth after caesarean). J is less than impressed. I got into trouble for bringing it up and "ruining" his Friday night!! He'll come around. But I don't want to leave Butterfly for 5 nights while I sit in a hospital bed recovering from having an artificial vagina cut into my stomach! I, like, have one of those already... no cutting necessary! I have found a kindred spirit called Nerissa who lives nearish me and is looking into HBAC too... yep, another net friend!

Oh I miss you. You are pretty special you know. I don't get mushy often but you are so kind and funny and strong willed, my life would suck without you in it. Even though we spent most of our teenage years with you insulting me and me thumping you for it! Or you locking yourself in your room when Pebbles spewed on the couch so I had to clean it up! Or you whinging that you had to do the ironing and all I had to do was feed Leo (although you probably had a point...)

I can't wait for you to come back and see your neice. She is getting so big and clever Vic. She has a wicked sense of humour and a cheeky laugh, and all Mum can do when she comes over is sit and adore her!

Here is a quick update on Butterfly at the moment:

  • Signs: milk, finished and bed!

  • Favourite toys: Burt and Ernie, she gives them cuddles that make ME jealous!

  • Favourite song: Telephone by Beyonce and Lady Gaga

  • Favourite food: Spaghetti bolognese and Garlic bread!

  • Skills: high fives, kisses, brushes her hair and teeth (even if most of the time she is using the wrong side of the brush!), blows rasperries on Mummas tummy, waves, stands up on the furniture, dancing (OH the DANCING!!)

  • She loves Nanna and Poppy, although Poppy is best enjoyed at a distance of at least 5 feet (if he tried to tickle her yesterday she grabbed his hand and threw it away!)

Dancing is her favourite thing. So her birthday is going to be a "rock chick" party! That jukebox Mum won us is going to come in handy! Sarah and Alethea are coming around today to help me make the invitations. We will be thinking of you!

Have an awesome rest of your trip, I CAN'T WAIT to see you both in August! So, lets say worst case scenario you come back on the last day of August, that is only 121 days away! And counting!

Love you

mean it


PS Butterfly says to say, "I HATE uncle Jamie!"


  1. Thats so sweet! I hope your able to have a HBAC! are they still trying to make home births illegal? you might have to hurry up and have another baby before they do! will probably cost a bit of money tho for the midwifes insurance etc. My sista had an emergency c-section with her first and a normal birth at the hospital with her second. Hurry up Zoe's sista and get back so you don't miss out on your beautiful niece growing up!! =0)

  2. Ahh catch 22 shaddai... I have to hurry up to have a HBAC, but I also have to have at least an 18 month gap between pregnancies!