Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi! My name is Butterfly and I like to dance!

That Yo Gabba Gabba reference was for you, Becka...

Yesterday my little family and I returned from two nights away in Pottsville, NSW. My beautiful cousin was getting married, and we were just lucky it was in such a beautiful location! Made for a GREAT getaway!

This weekend was our first family holiday, we hadn't taken  Butterfly anywhere before due to money and hassle. And boy, the amount of crap we needed to pack just for a two night stay! The boot of our wagon was full to the brim, as was the passenger seat (I sit in the back with  Butterfly). Travelling with a cloth wearer means a whole bag of nappies, wetbags, wipes etc. Yeah, I could have just put her in sposies, but I hate them! We even packed her padded toilet seat (which I was grateful for, as she didn't poo in a nappy the whole time!)

I interrupt this blog to share something frightening... my hubby is at work, something dark flashed across my peripheral vision and our bifold hall door just opened by itself... FUUUUUUDDDGE! OK now I am freaking out! Just the wind, just the wind, just the wind (every time I look down I see something dark in my peripherals!!) Stop it, Zoe, you wuss, there is nothing there! Wake up please Butterfly, Mumma needs some company!

OK anyhoo...
We really had a great time away, it was nice not to have the computer on and spend some quality time with hubby and bubby. And  Butterfly had a ball, crawling around a new house, climbing STAIRS (we didn't know she could do that as we don't have any!) and playing with the family. We were staying in a unit with my parents and grandparents (4 generations squeezed into one place!). It really was fantastic,  Butterfly loved being the centre of attention, watching Poppy G make silly noises on his lips, playing a never ending game of Peek a Boo with Nanna, studying all of Nonni G's colourful jewellery, running her hands over Poppy's face and laughing at the prickles...
 Butterfly meets her first real live frog!

The wedding itself was AMAZING!! I missed the start of the ceremony as  Butterfly was not impressed at finding herself shoulder to shoulder with strange men, but the part I saw was beautiful! Tears of emotion, the view of the ocean from the hill on which they got married, the bride looking positively radiant! We went "home" to give  Butterfly a quick nap before the reception, and I am glad we did, as the party animal went on to last the whole party!!
My radiant cousin and spunky uncle!

The reception was one of the best, if not THE best, I have been to! So laid back, catered by my uncle, just so joyous! There were performances by guests on guitar, singing, dancing! Oh and the profitterole cake, oh my! Sooo good! I think my hubby ate like 5 of them! And I let  Butterfly try some of mine, being a special occasion! She dipped her finger in daintily for a while, tasting it, before grabbing a handfull and cramming it in!! Nom nom nom!
 Butterfly had a ball with the balloons!

Yes,  Butterfly is almost nekked here! It got sooo hot, and she was on the dancefloor most of the night! My adorable little rock chick danced and danced and danced! She LOVES music! The other guests couldn't get over it, how such a small baby was a) awake all night and b) dancing and clapping and laughing with everyone else! To see a video of her dancing click here! I was told repeatedly how happy a baby she is, it was a major compliment. It is nice when others get to see just how special your baby is. And she really is so special... unique... fabulous!
I love you  Butterfly.


  1. Isn't it lovely when people compliment on how content they are and how that must be a reflection of your parenting. I just like that you took her to a wedding and followed her cues - she was keen to party, it won't
    'spoil her routine', in fact wouldn't it spoil your routine to not be able to celebrate a family wedding with your family (if you left her with a sitter for example)?. Keep up the rad work.

  2. Thanks SM! Its funny you say about following her "cues"... because I think I would have gotten disapproving looks for having a baby on the loud dancefloor had she not been visible enjoying herself!! Other babies may have considered it their worst nightmare!

    They were an awesome bunch of people, I also got a smile and nod from another Mum when I sat down and breastfed between songs, and another woman mouthed "beautiful" to me as well! It is so nice to be able to feed an older baby so publicly and be supported.