Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Healthify My Recipe! Choc Chick Cookies...

I may have started The Smallest Carbon Footprint facebook page, but I am in no WAY the most knowledgable of the lot of you! Going organic, earth friendly and healthy is not something that is easy, or that we all know how to do instinctually. We learn from each other, each having something to contribute at one point or another.

I am attempting to create a healthier family, and at the moment my focus is on what we are eating (since we have succeeded in going chemical free in the home!). I have bought "The Chemical Maze Shopping Companion" by Bill Statham, and I do try to get to the health food shop to find healthier ingredients. Trouble is, I see a lot of things that are unfamiliar to me, and I don't know what to do with them! For example Chia seeds... I know they are awesome for health but like... HOW? What makes them so special? And what do I DO with them?

So here is what I propose: I want to post recipes to favourite dishes (some of them mine, if you would like help with a dish feel free to email me your recipe! and I need YOUR help in suggesting healthier substitutes for ingredients. Like, I LOVE choc chick cookies from Jessica Seinfeld's "Deceptively Delicious" but it contains a LOT of sugar and white flour etc. I would love to tweak it to maximise nutrition and decrease additives and calories.

Perhaps some of you would like a recipe adapted to be gluten, meat or dairy free? You may have allergies (or need to cook for someone who does). Or, like me, you are just searching for some better options! It would be awesome if you could also let us know where you get your ingredients (link, if you have it) if it is obscure. And let us know what health benefits there are, if you know this also. Of course, it will be experimental and may require some trial and error!

So here goes... help me Healthify Choc Chick Cookies!


Nonstick Cooking Spray
Brown Sugar
Margarine Spread
Egg Whites
Vanilla Extract
Semisweet Chocolate Chips
All purpose flour
Baking Soda

I use butter instead of margarine and wholemeal flour (bought some spelt to try) and always get organic where I can. I need to get some organic chocolate chips, I went against my social conscience today and bought up the nestle ones because they were on sale... and now I hate myself for it! Last ones, I shwear...



  1. Well, im not the most experienced health foodie either, i am however gluten and dairy free due to allergies so here is what i would do :
    Use a silicone cooking mat instead of the cooking spray (no oil needed and you can use it again and again and again)
    Replace the brown sugar with rapudura sugar or unheated local honey
    Replace the butter with a dairy free alternative such as Olive oil Nuttlex
    Replace the flour with a gluten free flour
    remove the oats all together
    Add some sunflower or pepita seeds :-)

  2. Thats ace man! Apparently the local honey around here is amazing, how much would you add instead of 1 cup firmly packed brown sugar? What is rapadura sugar? Is it less refined?

  3. buy a spray bottle and put your oil in it and there is your butane/propane and isobutane free non stick spray.

  4. I usually use less than 1/2 a cup of honey to 1 cup of sugar, depending on how sweet you want your cookies to be, it makes them lovely and chewy too :-)
    Rapudura sugar is a more natural form of cane sugar, its pressed from the cane, rather than being heated until the molecules split :-)

  5. Coconut oil works well as a butter substitute especially in cooking.
    I like to add LSA mix to my choc chip cookies.
    Are they tinned chic peas? Do you puree them or what?

  6. Aweseome stakimama! Yeah I get organic tinned chickpeas, and you just chuck em in, no pureeing necessary! You hardly notice them :)