Thursday, August 23, 2012

Outdoor Kitchen!

We at the footprint farm are eagerly awaiting Spring!!  We have been getting busy in the garden and ordering our organic seeds for the new season!!
Hubby built me a vege garden bed along one side of our patch!  Yay for more space to grow!  I bought some Chia seeds to grow a chia bush, looking forward to seeing how that goes
Butterfly's Flower "Bed" is growing and we have flowers!

Our two new male ducks (Tutti and Plex) get their dance on to impress our three duck girls!

We bought two poodle x bichon puppies from our neighbour!  They are Bindi (major Irwin obsession at our house!  So nice to have an idol for Butterfly who is an earth ambassador AND is home schooled!) and Chase, and they are brother and sister.  This is Chase in the photo.

Puppy LOVE!

They my babies too!

This picture says it all!


Butterfly chose this serving plate at the op shop, it makes a great fairy garden pool!

We FINALLY have our outdoor kitchen!!  We were given this spare sink ages ago.  Today hubby screwed it to 2 upcycled panels that used to make up the back "cage" of his 1940's truck.  He hammered in star pickets and wired the panels to those for stability. It helps that he had a sore throat today and so was not in the mood to argue with me or lament about our garden looking like a junk heap! 
OK so I admit this IS a grog dispenser... but it was rotting away in a cupboard since we had Butterfly, and this is perfect for dispensing small amounts of coloured water for making mud pies!  Butterfly also pushes her hands under them to squirt out a small amount so she can "wash her hands" :) Trust the child to think of an imaginitive way to use something!

I'll have a "lerrow" on the rocks please, sweetheart!

It was a major hit!  My next project is to add some hanging hooks to hang spoons on, and on the other wall I plan to attach some funnels etc to make a "water wall" to flow into the sink. 
 If you look closely, you will see Butterfly is wearing a See Sam upcycled shirt :) Check them out on facebook!

We also added another wooden panel to her garden to add some interest, and shade!
I always feel so fulfilled at the end of the day if we have spent an adequate amount of time outside "creating"!
I would love to see your proud gardening or playspace achievements, old or new!  Post them to the wall :)
Don't forget to check Gumtree, Ebay, FREECYCLE, Ziilch, your local tip, etc for cheap or free items for your garden! One persons trash is another persons upcycling opportunity :)


  1. This is amazing dude! I absolutely love it. This is like an amusement park but better!!!

  2. how lovely!! you are very inspiring! x