Saturday, October 1, 2011

Alphabet ROCKS and Secret Special Places!

If you know a child like mine, who LIVES for rocks, why not try this cheap (or FREE) gift idea??

Butterfly adores rocks. We were househunting a while back, and it was difficult to get her IN any of the houses because she'd be in the garden or on the driveway collecting rocks! She has a treasure box full of them. I find them in her pockets. In the washing machine. Under the couch. In the kitchen. You get the idea!

Alls I did, was collect 26 flat rocks, and write on them with permanent marker! Totally free if you already have the markers!

I wrote on one side of the rock the capital letters of the alphabet in black.

On the reverse side, the lower case in red. Yes, I realised later I had written "c" on the back of the "B"!

Viola! I was actually hoping to engrave the rocks somehow but didn't know how!

Another project we have been working on lately is Butterfly's play room. We didn't allocate a bedroom to her in the new house since she sleeps with us anyway, and sunrooms make excellent play spaces!

There is an existing desk in the sunroom, under which I decided to make Butterfly a "Secret Special Place!". I wrapped an old cot mattress in pretty material and slotted it under the bench. Next I added toys and pillows to make it comfortable.

Last night I got under there and stuck a bunch of her favourite photos under there, of family and pets! She adores photos.

Daddy installed an Ikea spice rack ($2.50! Woot!) as a secret shelf for storing special things!

I also added a spice rack near her reading chair to hold her favourite books.

Butterfly loves her Secret Special Place! Its pretty sweet. I would have LOVED something like this when I was a kid! Footprint Fella has even jumped in on the design and is hoping to add a wooden support across the desk to secure some more fabric to make it like a cubby house! I knew I married him for a reason, what a wonderful Daddy! And a spunk :)

Here is a photo Butterfly took of her Mummy and Daddy :)

Peace xx

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  1. love it! Awesome idea with the Rock Alphabet and what a special space for Butterfly x