Saturday, June 25, 2011


You guys!

So I get to the Sausage Mama and the Sausagettes showbag launch and my first thought is "hmm why are there so many people here? I thought I was getting here early to set up?". I walk in to see my friends dressed in grass skirts and coconut bras and they all shout "Bula!" (hello in Fijian). I'm all "umm, Bula" and put down my bags.

Then someone (SM I think) says, "since you couldn't go to Fiji we thought we'd bring Fiji to you!" and its then I notice the sign on the wall made from flowers. I was so surprised! That is the sweetest thing! Before I can even process this (or say hello to the friends I can see that I haven't actually met yet, CC and KK!) Nerissa comes at me with a present.... a QUILT!

I was overwhelmed. And confused! I was all, "this is the SMATS launch why am I getting a quilt???" LOL! Nerissa did tell me who all of the squares were from but I am afraid I couldn't remember it all at the time.

I LOVE IT! It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! And the most meaningful! I am totally overwhelmed at the thoughtfulness and generosity of my friends, you guys are the BEST! I have carefully stowed it away in my linen cupboard until I can find a way to mount it on my wall. The cats aren't getting anywhere NEAR it with their claws! Nor is my 2 year old Peta Pantsless Pee-a-lot getting a chance to sit on it...

My Mum asked me that night if I cried when I got the quilt. I did shed a few sneaky tears but hid it well (after all those times I tell Joss its OK to cry, I wuss out in public!) Then she says "well I hope you showed the appropriate amount of gratitude and amazement!" That made me panic. Did I? Was my reaction what people were expecting? I don't know. I didn't see myself. All I know was how I felt, how I still feel, and if you contributed a square, TRUST me I LOVE it! I will cherish this quilt until the day I die!

It means so very much to me. I have been through a lot lately: losing a baby to an ectopic pregnancy then moving to a town far away from my friends where I know NO ONE. Its been a very hard time. This quilt is a beautiful reminder of how many wonderful friends I have (some I've never met!) and that I am loved.

So thankyou. ALL of you! Words cannot express how you have made me feel.

Nerissa (and your Mum)... I know how long it takes you to sew these quilts together, and I have NO idea how you managed to do it with everything else going on! I love your GUTS.

Sausage Mama, you sneaky sneaky sausage! Thankyou man. For knowing how much I would appreciate this. And how it would make me feel. I love YOU!

I hope one day I can contribute to a quilt for each and every one of you, so that you can have what I have, and feel what I feel.


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  1. oh Zoe, you are so lucky !!! love you to bits Trace XX