Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Honesty Blog: Pregnancy in ALL its glory!

The last Honesty Blog was a hit! I feel SO much better about my "housekeeping" skillz!

How about this time we tackle the not often talked about sides of pregnancy... we all know about heartburn, nausea, exhaustion... but what about the OTHER side effects of pregnancy, good or bad, that you don't usually like to share??

Also if you have any remedies for said side effects, make sure you share those too!



  1. i was one of the those mums (with all 3) who knew by week 6 she was pregnate & puked her guts up untill 5months along & had heartburn the other 4months,i got streatch marks & put on a hugh amount of weight and they were all late, i honestly disliked being pregnate & the only good thing to come out of it are my 3 wonderful kids,hence sayin i got my tubes tied after #3. Having saying all that i wouldn't change a thing after all i have 3 happy,healthy children and that's alot more than some do. :)

  2. I had pretty yucky vaginal discharge all the way through. I was pretty self conscious at work about it, I was sure people could smell it.

    It affected what I would and wouldn't allow my husband to do in the bedroom, but could never tell him why.

    Creeps me out just typing it!

  3. I loved being pregnant
    I wasn't sick at all even felt like the energizer bunny for the first 6 months worked till 8 month preg with no worries at all
    Spend our month long holiday wicked caning or around NZ while 7 months along and only dislike sleeping on the crapy bed and the heat in the van at night
    Only put on 12kgs but gained more then a dozen stretch marks also sex drive went crazy wild and in the last 3 week had major post-pardom depression
    But all in all I'd do it again a million times over

  4. Why didn't anyone tell me that you poop during labour?? I was horrified that I pooped in front of my husband, actually on my husband in my water birth. Eeeeeewwwww water birth all that "stuff" in the water so gross but then when you catch your own baby & the first thing they see is you you forget all about the eeeeeewwwww. First birth on hands & knees on the floor after laboring on the toilet, 2nd birth water birth, third birth longer labour used gas after agonizing over letting this baby down because I didnt need it for the other two, on the floor again. Take rasberry leaf, it really does help with the afterpains when your uterus is retracting which is much more painful with each birth. Hemoroids that don't go away ever! (and no I'm not talking about my 7 yr old!)Yoga was the best to help prepare my body for a drug free birth. Take food with you to the hospital you will be starving when you have given birth. Best wee ever is after baby is here & you do a REAL wee not just a trickle. If you are craving ice you are low in iron & need to take iron supplements.