Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Eco Toys, thanks for the F@#$!

So I am back from my weekend in Melbourne! While I was there I knew I had one day to myself as my Footprint Fella was at a boring reptile show... it was time for Butterfly and I to hit the shops! But where to start?

Then I thinks to myself, "Hey, isn't Eco Toys in Melbourne?" I LOVE LOVE LOVE Eco Toys, I have bought off the website before, and thought I might take a look at the products in the flesh!

So we dropped hubby off at the reptile show, plugged '651 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn East' into the GPS, took a deep breath and set off for an adventure! I did pretty well on the way there, didn't make any wrong turns and found a park easily! BUT I was still hyperventilating when I stepped into Eco Toys! From then on I continued to hyperventilate... but because of the ECO AWESOMENESS!! I took some photos for those of you who have never been...

Butterfly and I... frazzled but we made it!

I was like a kid in a toy shop! Hehe

I spent an hour and a half in the store and still... I look at the photos and think, I didn't see THAT!

Butterfly hamming it up in front of the BOON!

Isn't it wonderful???

See the white organic bear comforter hanging on the line? I got one of those for my pregnant sister in law :) (hence empty peg) I also got her a nature rattle

There is an empty spot on that shelf behind Butterfly... again, that was MEEE!! I can't tell you what it is in case you are reading this, Rhiannon!

I ended up going a little crazy, I bought 4 gifts for pregnant pals, and I also bought Butterfly some presents for her second birthday. Some O'bon coloured pencils and the green recycling truck that I've had my eye on for EVER! Butterfly mispronounces "truck"... unfortunately she calls them "FUCKS!" People must think I am raising a foul mouthed toddler!

If you live near Melbourne and haven't been, SMACK YOUR BUM! The store is AMAZING, and if little ol' me can get there, having never BEEN to Melbourne before, with only a hire car, GPS and a tummy full of butterflies, so can YOU! I'm already planning on buying more from the website (I wanted the wooden workbench as well, but try explaining to hubby how we are getting it on the plane! I'd rather pay postage :)

It was unfortunate I didn't get to meet Melinda (although I did see her delightful daughter!), her friend Laura was most welcoming and friendly! Thankyou for having me, Eco Toys, and Butterfly says, "Thanks for the FUCK!"


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